People Are Losing Their Shit Because A Socialist Streamer Bought A House

People Are Losing Their Shit Because A Socialist Streamer Bought A House
Screenshot: Hasan Piker / Twitch

Truly we live in times. Climate change marches on unchecked. The pandemic still rages. Just yesterday someone made a bomb threat outside the White House calling for “revolution.” Oh, and today some people are freaking out because socialist Twitch streamer Hasan Piker apparently bought a nearly $US3 ($4) million house in West Hollywood.

Piker is popular on Twitch not just for streaming games in the past but more recently going off about politics from a distinctly leftist worldview. One time, Piker streamed with Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Another time, he said the US deserved 9/11. Depending on who you ask, he’s either a radical communist trying to overthrow American democracy or a neoliberal sellout chasing clout with socialism-lite talking points. It’s a common enough space to occupy in politics but one that makes him a particularly notable lightning rod of discourse in the ambiently reactionary space of video game streaming personalities.

And so today, Piker came under fire from both rival socialist personalities and the right-wing outrage machine.

“Idk man it’s just flat out unethical to be profiting off of socialism and buying yourself a 3 million dollar home in a state that has one of the highest homelessness rates in the country,” activist Alexis Isabel wrote on Twitter this morning.

Sites like Breitbart, meanwhile, have painted Piker as a hypocrite for believing billionaires should be banned while also buying such a nice house.

But the most ruthless takedown came from the real estate site Dirt, which documents the housing tastes of the 1%. It wrote:

Now, about one and a half years since he flew the TYT coop, he’s hoovered up enough clout, audience, and revenue to shell out $US2.74 ($4) million for a spacious home along a pretty, tree-lined street in West Hollywood’s bustling and centrally located Beverly Grove neighbourhood. A secured and tightly hedged if otherwise bland and featureless courtyard fronts the roughly 3,800-square-foot pan-Mediterranean style residence that was built in 2014 with white stucco walls and a red tile roof. Arguably, only the exposed wooden eaves give the five-bedroom and 5.5-bath home a smidgen of authentic architectural character.

“Everyone collectively needs to calm down,” Piker wrote on Twitter this morning in response.

Piker, whose roughly 1.5 million Twitch followers and 50,000 active subscribers made the purchase possible, defended the price tag by pointing out that the Los Angeles housing market is an absurd bubble and that he was tired of renting and needed a bigger place for his family and to stream out of. Others have countered that there’s a huge difference between buying a modest home and dropping a small fortune on a Hollywood mini-mansion. But mostly it’s an old and boring routine that makes me want to gouge my eyes out.

Social media went through the same contortions in the 2016 and 2020 Democratic primaries when people discovered that Bernie Sanders owned more than one home. He lost the nomination both times and, low-and-behold, years later, nobody actually cares. People probably won’t forget so quickly with Piker, in part due to the social media one-upmanship games that spurred them on to care about it in the first place. Meanwhile, the federal minimum wage will still be $US7.25 ($10) an hour and people will still go bankrupt visiting the hospital.


  • Piker is little more than a two-faced social grifter, this backlash is like the bare minimum of what he deserves.

  • I thought he was just a businessman. You know, find a market, exploit it for personal gain.
    There’s heaps of people online who are the spokeperson for sentiments that they don’t 100% ingest themselves, just so they can rally and sheer the proceeds off the herd.
    I had an idea with a friend at work to come up with a scheme during the peak of Trump vs Biden where I’d pose as a hardcore right-wing commentator, she’d pose as a hardcore left-wing commentator, we’d set up youtube channels and patreons, rant for 10 minutes per video, rally up some followers, and then even cause more drama by offending each other’s beliefs online, cause a war between our flock, and the passionate ones would give us money, and then continue this till we could afford a mansion.

    • Change “nice house” to”letter of the world” and this is literally the plot of Orson Scott Card’s Hegemon series.

  • Regardless of whether you think it’s a molehill or a mountain, the headline is just ridiculous.

    People aren’t upset because he bought a house for his family to stop renting.

    They’re upset because he bought a FOUR MILLION DOLLAR house with money accumulated for spouting philosophies contradictory with buying a four million dollar house. It’s ludicrous pretend that’s even close to being a fair representation of the cause of the outrage.

    It’d be like me telling someone, “My wife is mad at me because I bought a bag of chips,” and then when asked to elaborate on why she’d be so unreasonable, explaining further that it was a $10,000 bag of chips on auction, previously owned by some celebrity from the 70s.

    Bloody hell.

  • Just a reminder that Hasan once said 9/11 victims deserved what happened to them and he believes he didn’t have to pay his editor. He also believes that he doesn’t owe content creators of content he reacts to and makes money from, anything.

    Don’t be like Hasan. Don’t be a dickhead.

    • I don’t know this guy but I know you and so I had some doubts. Looked it up.

      “This is so insane. America deserved 9/11, dude. Fuck it, I’m saying it” and he goes on to talk about US foreign policy. He’s making a point that could be legitimately criticised, but you aren’t doing that. You’re saying he said the “victims” deserved it.

      You take his somewhat defensible statement about the USA as a nation, and restate it such that he is attacking individual victims in the tragedy. Which the guy didn’t actually do from any of the quotes I can find.

      If you want credibility you should probably stop lying. Cause you come off as a propagandist, spinning everything.

  • Ethan, Ethan, we get it. You’re a socialist, no need to shove it in our faces.

    Is this really what Kotaku US readers want to hear about on the regular? Some random e-celeb gets in a controversy between his own audience and people who dislike him? Whatever next, Kotaku USA giving to-the-wire coverage of the ballad of Pokimane and the tier-3 twitch subs?

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