Gamer Dislocates Shoulder While Celebrating Tournament Victory

Gamer Dislocates Shoulder While Celebrating Tournament Victory

Congratulations are in order for CakeAssault, who over the weekend won a huge Rivals of Aether tournament, overcoming not just the competing field, but also the limitations and fragilities of the human body.

The Rivals of Aether showdown was part of the Riptide show held in Sandusky, Ohio between September 10-12, which also featured tournaments for games like Super Smash Bros. (Brawl & Melee), and Splatoon 2.

But it’s the Rivals final we’re looking at here, when CakeAssault wins and then absolutely loses his shit:

Dude is celebrating like he just won the Champions League final on penalties, I love it. Only catch, though, is that whole part where he collapses to the ground in complete agony, silencing the crowd in the process, which he later explains was due to the fact he had popped off so hard that his shoulder took things a little too literally:

Most I’ve ever hurt myself gaming was grinding the skin off my thumb during a Gran Turismo endurance race, so a football field-level injury — while celebrating, no less — is actually one hell of an achievement.

Hope you’re feeling better dude!


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  • Healthy diet, exercise and occupational therapy should be mandated for all these professional eSport players. It’ll most likely help their performance and longevity too. Sitting at a computer for 10+ hours a day will definitely take a toll on a young person’s body – and its morally wrong that the big eSport teams and event organisers allow it to happen.
    Its a loose comparison but F1 drivers need to stay in peak physical health in a sport that requires fast reaction time and hand-eye coordination even though they are in a seated position (but they also need to handle g-forces which gamers don’t).

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