Ghost Of Tsushima On PS5 Finally Fixes One Last Annoying Problem

Ghost Of Tsushima On PS5 Finally Fixes One Last Annoying Problem
Gif: Sucker Punch / Kotaku

The most recent update for Sucker Punch’s Ghost of Tsushima on PS5 has finally solved one of the last annoying issues I had with the game: The weirdly long time it took for cosmetic items to fully load up while previewing them.

Ghost of Tsushima is a good game with some gorgeous visuals and impressively fast loading times. Even on PS4, the game was able to magically teleport you across the map in seconds and boot up nearly as fast. On PS5, via the upgraded Director’s Cut version of the game, these already impressive load times basically disappeared. But before yesterday’s update on PS5, previewing items was the lone part of the game that felt slow and not super snappy compared to everything else. That all changes with Ghost of Tsushima’s 2.08 PS5 patch.

I recently started playing Ghost of Tsushima again, after bouncing off the game back when it came out to play other things that I’ve now forgotten because my job is a never-ending avalanche of games and demos. Anyway, I had forgotten about the annoying cosmetic issue until I booted it up and tried to change my outfit and colours. Compared to everything else, this process can take 5-10 seconds to load a single item, with it remaining a transparent grey while the game frantically tries to get your preview prepared. It makes flicking through outfits and accessories an annoying and cumbersome process.

Now — as you can see in the gif at the top of this post — flipping between cosmetics is nearly seamless with almost no wait, no matter how fast you flick around the menus. It’s wonderful! Sadly, it appears this update is only for the next-gen PS5 version of the game.

Is this a minor thing? Sure! Did the longer wait time for cosmetics make this game terrible? No. But as everything else in the game got faster and faster, waiting around for cosmetics became something I quickly noticed while playing.

Maybe this time I’ll finally finish this game or even try out that cool and weird-looking multiplayer mode?


  • Found an uncollectible flower today, I must admit, the terrain in Iki has so many glitches its crazy.

    Still, completed Iki today. The game is generally enjoyable, just pity they charged as much as they did for an expansion as short as it was and as many bugs as it has.

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