Killing Floor Boss Pleased Texas Women Losing Basic Human Rights

Killing Floor Boss Pleased Texas Women Losing Basic Human Rights
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According to a tweet posted yesterday by John Gibson, the president of Tripwire Interactive — the studio behind Maneater and Killing Floor — he is “proud” that the U.S. Supreme Court allowed a new Texas anti-abortion law to stand earlier this week.

The controversial law bans abortion after six weeks and goes so far as to allow private citizens to sue abortion providers or anyone even suspected of helping a woman end a pregnancy. This essentially creates a bounty system targetting abortion-seekers and enforced by random residents of Texas.

Tripwire president John Gibson’s September 4 tweet, via his personal Twitter account, explained that he was “proud” of the Supreme Court’s recent decision to refrain from blocking Texas Senate Bill 8. The bill, which became law at midnight on Wednesday, September 1, bans abortions in the Lone Star State after six weeks.

However, the state’s police and elected officials will not be its enforcers. Instead, that duty will fall to private citizens, who are now empowered to bring lawsuits against any person or group that they believe is facilitating someone getting an abortion. This could even include people who merely drive a patient to a clinic, help them enter by pushing a wheelchair, or hold their hand for comfort. Any Texas citizen can now sue them for $US10,000 ($13,409).

Texas has effectively created a surveillance system operated by private citizens, the sole purpose of which is to prevent women from safely accessing abortions. While abortions will still be legal within the first six weeks, a majority of women don’t yet realise they’re pregnant by then. As Jezebel notes, “Though patients in Texas are still guaranteed the right to an abortion by Roe v. Wade, after Tuesday it will be theoretical at best.”

Clearly this is an evil, misogynistic law that will hurt thousands of women and other folks with uteruses who lack the resources to travel outside of Texas to access safe abortions. This will compel desperate women to face the unimaginable choice of attempting to access potentially dangerous, unsafe procedures away from prying eyes or to carry an unwanted pregnancy to term against their will. It’s a terrible, unthinkably awful law made legal only through the Supreme Court’s increasing abuse of the so-called shadow docket to rule on extremely consequential cases.

Yet Tripwire Interactive president John Gibson is happy about it all. In his tweet, he also described himself as a “pro-life game developer.” He felt this was very important to share with the world. Mr. Gibson also mentions he doesn’t “get political” very often. He clearly decided to make an exception to share a little excitement over this law designed to hurt women by stripping them of basic human rights.

Kotaku has reached out to Tripwire Interactive about Gibson’s tweet supporting the controversial anti-abortion law.

Reactions to the tweet came quickly as it spread across social media, with numerous video game devs, writers, designers, and fans dunking on Gibson’s troubling tweet. Many also expressed disappointment that Gibson’s statement will undoubtedly lead to greater stress for the folks who work under him at Tripwire and now have to deal with this shit. Plus, it can’t feel good to know that your boss is fine with Texas women losing the right to control their own bodies. Some people have sworn to stop playing existing and future Tripwire games, going so far as to block the publisher on their Steam accounts.

If you want to help women pay for safe abortions, you can donate to the Lilith Fund, Jane’s Due Process, or the Texas Equal Access Fund. These groups help women in the state afford abortions, provide support and resources for them, and other useful services. With the shocking passage of Texas Senate Bill 8, support from organisations like these has become even more important for Texas women, who face an uncertain future in a state that now denies them control over their very bodies.


  • Why are you so upset at him for being pro-life?
    Being pro-life doesn’t inherently make you a misogynist or a bad person.
    There are plenty of valid reasons to be against abortion.

    • He’s not ‘pro-life’, he’s pro-birth. Pro-lifers don’t give a damn what haplens after the baby is born.

      Could you list some ‘valid reasons’ women should be denied body autonomy?

      • Not to mention whenever these laws are discussed or brought in there’s no mention of any penalty for the men that contributed equally to the situation!

      • A thousand times this.

        The anti-abortion crowd stop being interested after birth and don’t give two shits about what happens to children after that. They fucking disappear into thin air at that point and mysteriously stop being ‘helpful’ to the lives they screamed and shouted that it was all about.

        Their bullshit is absolutely about forcing their beliefs, ones FAR more heavily influenced by religion and not science, onto others while disguising it as something else. Nothing more.

    • Yep, would love to see what the Venn diagram showing the intersection between pro-life and pro-death penalty supporters looks like. I suspect it’d just be a circle.

  • When a state has a higher penalty for aborting a rape baby then the conviction of a rapist, you know society is going down hill.

  • Suddenly the premise of Maneater, a living baby shark being cut free from its mother’s womb and going on a quest for revenge against the one who did it, is taking on a whole new meaning.

  • Well. Scum is cancelled for being scum. Great. Not that Killing Floor was especially good anyway, but at least I know not to buy into any Maneater DLC/sequel.

  • Oh, so it turns out on Steam if you go to any game made by Tripwire, you can look over on the right-hand side where it lists the publisher and developer. If you click into that, it’ll take you to a handy Steam profile page for that developer/publisher. There’s a ‘settings’ cog to the right of the list of tabs (featured, lists, browse, etc), and that cog lets you choose ‘ignore this creator’. That will prevent Steam from showing you any of their current – or future – games, DLC, or other content!


  • Apparently, all morality is relative now, as well as basic science and biology. Seems like scientific truth has almost become an ‘article of faith’ these days, to hold over others and control them, the loudest & angriest ones must be right…in the same way they are blaming religion of doing.

    All I know is, the child doesn’t get a say and it should. There are plenty of couples who can’t have children willing to adopt, if not for the red tape, cost & other ridiculous constraints the gubment imposes. But yes, the entire system is flawed beyond repair and everyone gets screwed one way or the other, especially the innocent life yet to get a chance at life. Here’s a tip: don’t have sex if you can’t do it with 100% contraceptive safely – keep yer legs closed – problem solved! If people were forced to live with the consequences of their actions (not including the 1% of rape victims here), maybe they would take more care with others’ lives, than just putting their own desires, convenience or (dis)comfort above all else.

    And the argument that the embryo is just a ‘potential’ for life has always been total BS as well – why do we not just pull the plug on vegetative or terminally ill patients, or ones relying on medical equipment to keep them alive? e.g. dialysis. Surely they are just a potential for life, so long as the technology keeps them alive…? We’re all just a ‘potential’ for ongoing life, take away our food/water/oxygen and see how long we last. And last I checked, denying those to living kids (and even adults!) is a crime in most half civilised societies.

    So why is mother’s choice/free will more important than the baby’s (who has no voice yet, so someone must speak for it surely?), or the father’s even…because she has to carry the child to term for 4-5 months of discomfort (generally speaking), and act as an unwilling incubator? Is that a worse crime for the state to impose on her and their joint carelessness, than instant termination/death of a life? Perhaps if more of them had to do this, be held accountable for their actions & cost to society over the next 18 years, and the fathers forced to pay *reasonable* child support, this wouldn’t happen so much. And if the father doesn’t know about, or even want the child, or refuse to support the birth, then he can pay 50% of ALL living costs for both mother and child, that’s fair surely? This whole concept of ownership of the child is so perverted and wrong, almost evil, I wouldn’t know where to start. Parents are at best guardians and stewards of this new life, no more, until the children can fend for themselves.

    Anyway, I know this opinion won’t be popular here, seems even Texas thinks a life is only worth around $10K, so what do I know? :-/

    • Keep in mind that pregnancy itself can fuck people up severely. I had a teacher who kept developing weird autoimmune diseases with every additional kid she had, when she was in perfect health beforehand. I know another who developed mental illness because of the hormone changes, etc whereas she was fine beforehand. Pregnancy itself is a chemical process that can have life altering effects on the woman long before we even get to the point of the child being born. For that alone, it’s up to the woman because it’s ultimately their health and their life that’s impacted by the process and that can go well beyond the nine months of carrying or the years of raising a kid.

      It’s all well and good to say that people should have a say, but the process itself is so unpredictable in what it can do to women that men, as much as they might have feelings about the issue, aren’t really impacted in the same way as someone experiencing it. It’s ultimately a complex health issue and that’s between a woman and her doctor. These laws in and of themselves are founded in terrible ignorance, since they completely skip the health considerations in favour of ideology which doesn’t have any relevance to the actual risks associated with being pregnant and ignores that issue entirely.

    • Imagine a woman whose current health circumstances mean carrying a pregnancy to term is likely to kill her. In this instance, not only is a woman basically forced into a situation where she very well may die, but anyone who helps her, or even – in an extremely disturbing wording of the law – considers helping her, to get an abortion after 6 weeks is free game to be sued by anyone, for any reason.

      The laws put forward in Texas are absolutely putrid, and even if you are anti-abortion you should recognise they aren’t ‘pro-life’ laws at all. They’ve enshrined literal thought crimes into law. They’re trying to turn every person in the state into a police force to deny people any autonomy over their bodies and lives.

      I fundamentally disagree with everything you’ve written – the premise that a fetus is the same as a person on life support is the same as a person on dialysis is horrifying, and ethically flawed in so many ways. If you really think your potential for life gotcha makes any sense you must surely think contraception is evil and wrong too.

      There is no child to have a say – they aren’t alive yet. Perhaps you might disagree on exactly when a life starts, but the ‘pro-life’ label has always been an exercise in marketing. No-one on the ‘pro-choice’ side is advocating for killing children, they’re advocating for preventing a child from being born.

    • This argument was sorted out pretty well almost everywhere, and that is why we use roughly 20 weeks (two months before the 3rd Trimester) as a cut off.

      Why? Because we build in a buffer for brain development, before this, the brain is pretty underdeveloped, and responses across it tend towards the autonomous, focused on movement. At the third trimester, we start seeing things like REM patterns in sleep, and babies reacting to sound, i.e. notions of consciousness, thus we limit access to abortion after a certain point.

      But this ignores the most prevailing, most abortions take place between 10-14 weeks, and late term abortions are incredibly rare, and in the super-majority of countries, are only ever performed if the mothers life is at risk.

      And to answer your question, we do ‘pull the plug’ on patients all the time, most horrifyingly, we are pulling the plug on conscious COVID patients right now because they can’t survive without medical intervention, we also pull the plug on the brain dead, as we recognise that a lack of consciousness isn’t equilivant to life.

      So if abortion laws are generally set to that of consciousness of the child, I fail to see the emotional arguments you are making as justification as to why females should be subjected to having their bodily autonomy violated.

    • “Seems like scientific truth has almost become an ‘article of faith’ these days…”

      I’m curious… are you religious? Not that it’s my business but it almost seems to be the case that pro-lifers are, which would make that opening statement more than a little hypocritical. Apologies if my assumption is wrong, but 99% of the time it isn’t.

      • It depends on what you mean by religious :). My almost-tongue-in-cheek comment was meant as a way of disparaging the pseudo-scientists who are really mostly just lay-people parroting someone else’s science…which is often more opinion pieces from big journalism and big gov than *actual* science. Similar to so-called atheists of which 99.9% are really just some flavour of agnostics.
        I’m a rational scientist, but also a spiritual person, if somewhat materialistic, fatalistic at times (hey, just look at the world your honour!) and very, very cynical about humanity’s capacity to solve almost any significant social issue of any kind from here to self-annihilation. For the record and FWIW, Texas has is completely & utterly wrong – I was in no way advocating that stupidity, God help us all!

    • I’m not going to go into why you’re a shitty person. But you are.

      You’re not Pro life. You’re Pro forced birth.

    • Your characterization of abortion as a frivolous escape for the consequences of ‘joint carelessness’ shows off how little you understand about the issue. I sincerely hope you get some life experience that teaches you why that’s such a terrible thing to say.

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