Animal Crossing Direct Serves Up A Steaming Cup Of Brewster

Animal Crossing Direct Serves Up A Steaming Cup Of Brewster

The pigeon has come home to roost. Nintendo showed off how Brewster and his café The Roost will come to Animal Crossing: New Horizons along with other changes coming November 5.

Brewster and The Roost got a shoutout during September’s previous, larger Nintendo Direct. The Animal Crossing segment opened in the New Horizons museum but one with a special wing. A sign featuring a green pigeon with a cup of coffee that read “The Roost” stood outside the entrance.

That was all fans needed.

The Roost, and the green caffeine-loving pigeon who runs it, is a café that first appeared in Animal Crossing’s second entry, Wild World. Brewster and his coffee have been in each entry since, except conspicuously New Horizons.

Unfortunately, last month’s Direct showed nothing more than said entrance and signage. Animal Crossing fans were told to wait until today’s game-specific Direct to learn more about how Brewster’s appearance will play out, along with other new additions.

Still, Brewster is a fan favourite. Avid players have anxiously awaited any hint of his return to the franchise, so even last month’s tease got a big reaction from longtime villagers. Upon his “appearance,” the Animal Crossing subreddit immediately flooded with posts about the bird and excitement over today’s Direct and the upcoming patch. A Brewster megathread was pinned up top, and later, one for the Direct itself.

Today’s news also comes after Nintendo said over the summer that it would add more content to New Horizons. That came as welcome news, as players have grown impatient wondering if some of the series staples would ever be added to the Switch game. Many also expected Nintendo’s continued updates to offer more than just holiday and seasonal events, which have been the focus of most of the patches so far.

In addition to Brewster’s absence, New Horizons still lacks gyroids, Resetti and other NPCs’ roles have been reduced, and the Nook’s Cranny upgrades are gone. Former mayor Tortimer is also nowhere to be seen, and at this point, I’m worried for him.

Hopefully, this Direct won’t be the last major content update for Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

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