Sources: Nintendo Shutters California Office

Sources: Nintendo Shutters California Office
Image: Nintendo

Nintendo closed its California office today, displacing roughly 100 employees, sources tell Kotaku.

The Redwood City location was one of three main offices for Nintendo of America, which is headquartered in Redmond, Washington. Sources tell Kotaku the closure included the resignation of the SVP of Sales and Marketing, Nick Chavez, who announced earlier on Friday via LinkedIn that he would be joining Kentucky Fried Chicken to help them continue to grow the Yum! Brands.

The SVP position was previously held by Doug Bowser, who was promoted to president of Nintendo of America after Reggie Fils-Aime stepped down in 2019.

Per Nintendo, the Redwood offices were home to the sales and marketing departments, along with a field team dedicated to working with retail stores across the country. Video documentation of the offices back in 2012 showed Redwood’s halls bursting with plushies and toys of major Nintendo characters. While it’s not yet clear what prompted Nintendo to shutdown the office, a source told Kotaku that many of the now-displaced staff were upset over the decision.


  • Could be shifiting. Like, rent in Cali is stupidly priced, so they might just be looking or consolidating stuff.

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