Longtime Blizzard Employee Spouted Hateful Garbage On Discord Server

Longtime Blizzard Employee Spouted Hateful Garbage On Discord Server
Honestly, things are only getting worse for ActiBlizz... (Image: Activision Blizzard)

Geoff Frazier, a former early Blizzard employee who was responsible for much of the company’s web content over the past 23 years, has been posting bigoted and hateful messages in a Discord server going back to May 2021. ABetterABK founder and organiser Jessica Gonzalez tweeted screenshots of Frazier, allegedly under the username Nebu, exposing his intolerance of disabled people, women, LGBTQ+ folks, and other “libtards,” as he put it.

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Corroborated by another Blizzard employee to Kotaku over Twitter DMs, “The Right Wing of Gaming” is a Discord server where people go to complain about Activision Blizzard and other workers like Jessica who are supposedly “ruining the whole company,” according to a message from Fraizer in September. The server is filled with comments about ongoing Blizzard woes, mostly around upper-management departures.

For his part, Fraizer can be seen whining about the “gay people” while demeaning the many female interns Blizzard has by saying they “at least [have] giant tits.” He also makes light of the recently recognised holiday of Juneteenth as “stupid shit” and calls others “retarded” for Blizzard holding a presentation on individuals with various disabilities.

Kotaku reached out to Blizzard and Fraizer for comment and will update upon reply.

Elsewhere, Fraizer says he’s conservative and “didn’t vaccine” (his wording) while ridiculing Jessica for her borderline personality disorder. According to his LinkedIn profile, Frazier left the company in September and now serves as a web content and community manager in the tech industry. Since then, it seems Frazier has sold his entire Blizzard collection on eBay, including game keys and plushies, though nothing appears to be left on his seller page.

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This comes while Activision Blizzard is still embroiled in controversy surrounding its discriminatory and predatory workplace. Top executives have apologised, though most quit. Employees have signed condemnation letters and staged walkouts. Things are bad for the World of Warcraft developer, with workers loudly demanding that CEO Bobby Kotick resign. And honestly, with the never-ending news, it just got even worse.


  • Unless this is literally an official work chat there’s nothing wrong with this.
    The person he’s shit talking about does seem like a massive moron on the other end of the scale (and yes i am saying this guy is too).
    If its an offical work chat then yes obviously no one should be talking like that

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