Life-Sized Final Fantasy Bust Has Realistic Sephiroth Nipples, And They’re Excited To See You

Life-Sized Final Fantasy Bust Has Realistic Sephiroth Nipples, And They’re Excited To See You

When I woke up this morning, I did not expect to catch an eyeful of Final Fantasy VII villain Sephiroth’s perky nipples. Yet here we are. Life always finds a way, you know? Here’s FantasyToys’ life-size Sephiroth bust for your viewing pleasure.

(Click the full image of the last tweet to see the goods.)

The bust itself is mostly made of silica gel, which I mostly associate with those delicious little white packets that say “DO NOT EAT.” It’s neat that a fan hobbyist has decided to make realistic sculptures out of them. Other materials include handmade fabric, acrylic, PVC, and a resin base. It’s almost a shame that the artist has decided to give him clothes, because those nips look like they took way too much time and effort to simply cover up. You can see another uncovered nip on the same artist’s full-body, 1:3 scale rendition of Chris Redfield from Resident Evil.

Unfortunately for collectors, none of FantasyToys’ fan-made busts are currently for sale. It’s a shame, because the rest of the collection is equally as stunning, albeit less horny. Besides a cute Aerith, the artist has sculpted Kratos from God of War, Leon Kennedy from Resident Evil, Arthur Morgan from Red Dead Redemption 2, and Ellie from The Last of Us II. FantasyToys Studio does produce toy figures of original beefy hunks for sale (they start at around 360 Euros), but none of them are as pretty as Sephiroth.

The community reaction on Twitter has largely been–you guessed it–incredibly horny. FF7 fans have talked about making out with this silica gel bust, which is probably not advised. “DO NOT EAT” also means “do not kiss the Sephiroth bust, no matter how pretty he might be.”

Sephiroth is the villain of Final Fantasy VII, but it doesn’t stop people from thirsting over him or shipping him with Cloud. The last time we saw him in official materials, he was killing Mario in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. This fan-made bust looks considerably more harmless, except for those nipples. They could poke someone’s eye out.

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