CD Projekt Confirms The Medallion In That New Witcher Teaser Is Indeed A Lynx

CD Projekt Confirms The Medallion In That New Witcher Teaser Is Indeed A Lynx

The question: Does the medallion in the new Witcher teaser depict a Lynx or not?

The shape of the medallion at the centre of the new Witcher teaser has been a subject of hot debate since CD Projekt dropped its announcement earlier this week.

Internet sleuths were able to deduce that the snow-covered Witcher’s medallion at the centre of the image resembled a Lynx. The problem, of course, is that there is no School of the Lynx in The Witcher canon. A School of the Cat certainly exists, but the medallion’s shape had thrown people off. Could it be that CD Projekt was inventing a new Witcher school to go along with its new Witcher game?

Speaking to Eurogamer overnight, CD Projekt’s global comms director Robert Malinowski confirmed that the medallion was indeed based on a lynx. That only raises further questions!

What is known is that the only time a Lynx School has appeared in any form of Witcher media was in a work of fan fiction. Also caught by Eurogamer, this post-Witcher 3 story sees witcher Lambert and the sorceress Kiera Metz travelling south together. The unlikely duo joins the Cat School and ultimately reform it as the School of the Lynx.

It remains to be seen if any of this relates to CD Projekt’s plans for the new game, or if we’re all just going way too deep. CDPR may have simply wanted to communicate that Geralt isn’t involved. Geralt is famously a member of the School of the Wolf, and CDPR has said previously that it considers Geralt’s story closed. Using a lynx-shaped medallion indicates a move away from the White Wolf.

Of course, it could so be a ruse to throw fans off the scent.

Source: Eurogamer

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