Elden Ring Patch Really Wants Folks To Finally Notice The Damn Tutorial

Elden Ring Patch Really Wants Folks To Finally Notice The Damn Tutorial
Image: FromSoftware / Kotaku

Among the many changes buried in Elden Ring’s latest patch, one harks back to the very beginning of the game. Like many games, Elden Ring offers a combat tutorial a little after creating your Tarnished near the start of the game. Unlike most games, the tutorial is a side path that’s so easy to miss, many players went into the punishing adventure without even knowing how to do basic things, like what button to press to use items. Well, it turns out that FromSoftware has now added a popup message that points to that area so you don’t miss it this time.

The new update makes several adjustments to the game like buffing those big Colossal Swords and tweaking the stats of various spells. However, you won’t find any mention of the combat tutorial, the Cave of Knowledge, in the patch notes. It appears to be a passive, unceremonious addition since it took folks like Souls YouTuber Lance McDonald to tweet about it before anyone even knew there was this new message telling you about that spot.

According to McDonald, the popup “more explicitly” points to the Cave of Knowledge. It’s this grotto in the Stranded Graveyard where you learn mechanics like blocking, stealth, stance-breaking, and other tactics to survive in the Lands Between. The Cave of Knowledge is easy to miss, though. It’s off to the right, and you have to drop down into a hole. That hole is typically surrounded by troll messages where people warn that you might die if you go down there. The area is also lit by a mere specter in a chair who has a kind of ominous aura and that’s it. Meaning, even if you do see it, some players might be scared off from jumping down into the unknown hole. With this new patch, you will now see a message informing you that not only is there solid ground in that dark abyss the specter overlooks, but also the pit is the Cave of Knowledge. You just have to trust the game and jump.

A Twitter user named gibbed shared an English version of the message, which makes it more apparent what you learn from the Cave of Knowledge should you go there. It’s not hard, and the area’s end-boss, the Soldier of Godrick, is a chump. But it’s a great way to understand Elden Ring before desperately trying to summon Let Me Solo Her to help with the bullies.



  • I think the fact that anyone was able to easily miss the tutorial was a perfect statement about the overall game design.

    In the lands between, you can miss plenty of areas & items that can help you progress or even understand the lore a little bit more.

    It’s up it the player to explore and find these things for themselves.

    • No. Just no. I don’t care how new you are to Souls-style games, missing the tutorial is fine.

      The tutorial is perhaps the only part of the game that falls SO in line with Western developers love of treating people like they’re the dumbest people on the fuckin’ planet. At this point THAT has become bargain basement game design.

      Condescending and railroaded ‘This button does X – Now remember not to drool on your controller as you press it, dumb peasant!’ tutorial sections are insane.

      If anything is proof to Western devs that they don’t have to treat their players like they’re fuckin’ idiots, Elden Ring is it. It’s precisely why a bunch of them were all pissy and raging on social media about the praise Elden Ring had been getting.

      • No.

        Although your intense over reaction makes me believe you should wipe the spit & froth from your screen.

        • Oh please, one throws a fuck or two about and suddenly they’re having an ‘intense over reaction’.

          Though you’ve opened my eyes, perhaps I was partly wrong. Perhaps people like yourself do need the hand-holding tutorial sections, and that a standard controls screen in the options is akin to you trying to read hieroglyphics in the dark while blindfolded.

          But the rest of us? Well, we know how to simply press a button on the controller and go, “And that’s what that button does.” without needing a flashing billboard to spell it out in as few big words as possible.

      • Agree, the best part about the Souls series is the fact that the world appears to not care for or about you. It is indifferent to you, and you are making your way through it.

        Makes it feel immersive for me!

  • More games should probably look at something like what HalfLife did back in the day where the tutorial was separate from the game (done as a standalone training mission). You could either jump straight in if you already knew what you were doing (and not get badgered by annoying “press stick to move” popups), or you could revisit the tutorial any time you needed a refresher on how to play (like if you forgot how to do combo actions such as the long jumps).

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