14 Adult Card Games That’ll Spice Up Any Dinner Party

14 Adult Card Games That’ll Spice Up Any Dinner Party
Contributor: Bree Grant
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We’re big fans of a cheeky adult card game, especially after a wine (or three). Serve us up anything from the childhood classic UNO right through to the crazy Cards Against Humanity and we know we’re in for a good night. 

Not only are card games a great way to spice up any occasion, but they’re especially good for hyping up everyone at pre-drinks... Do with that information what you will. Ahead, we’ve rounded up 11 of the best adult card games, ranging from sightly odd to downright outrageous, that are absolutely worth investing in. Happy playing! 

Incohearent Card Game, $29

Remember that fun Instagram filter from a year or two ago where you’d record yourself guessing what a bunch of mixed-up words sounded like?! Yeah, well, think of that in card form, and voila, you’ve got yourself Incohearent’s epic adult card game. This one’s fun no matter how small or large the group is (especially when there are bevvies involved).

You can buy the Incohearent Card Game ($29) from Amazon here.

Exploding Kittens, $29.50

Described as Russian roulette but with kittens, Exploding Kittens card game is a 2-5 player game where you take turns drawing cards until someone draws an Exploding Kitten. When that happens, that person explodes. They are now dead and out of the game. This process continues until there’s only one player left, who wins the game. If you really wanted to spice things up, you could also add in some kind of boozy consequences…

Buy Exploding Kittens ($29.50) from Amazon here.

I’m Not Saying You’re Stupid Trivia Party Game, $33.51

I’m Not Saying You’re Stupid… is a hilarious trivia game where it’s almost impossible to answer the questions right. Give it your best shot and if your opponents think your answer sounds hopelessly wrong, they can stick you with an I’m Not Saying You’re Stupid… card. The person with the most correct answers at the end of the game is the winner.

Buy I’m Not Saying You’re Stupid Trivia Party Game ($33.51) from Amazon here.

Do or Drink, $35.99

Get the shots ready because Do or Drink will make you and your friends do savage challenges or face down shot after shot. Win by completing the most challenges or lose while getting wasted. With 350 cards included in this game, you can play over and over again. Watch your friends do ridiculous dares and have the night of your life.

Buy Do or Drink ($35.99) from Amazon here

These Cards Will Get You Drunk Adult Card Game, $22.39

The rules are simple! Moving clockwise, take turns drawing from the deck and reading each card out loud. Follow the instructions on each card to determine who has to drink. Prepare to compete, vote and screw your friends over in this fun and hilarious drinking game! Use this expansion pack to spice things up or play as a standalone game. Happy drinking!

Buy These Cards Will Get You Drunk ($22.39) from Amazon here.

What Do You Meme? Aussie Edition, $34.95

The rules are simple. In each round, a rotating judge plays a Photo Card and everyone else plays a Caption Card to complete the meme. The judge decides the funniest pairing, and whoever played the winning Caption Card wins the round. Lather, rinse, repeat. The Aussie edition, of course, includes Australian slang and references for a true-blue experience.

Buy What Do You Meme? Aussie Edition ($34.95) from Amazon here.

SERVD – His & Hers Adult Card Game, $26.99

SERVD is the hilarious new real-life card game, turning everyday scenarios into ruthless actions — play a card to summon your opponent to do chores exactly the way you like them done, bring you your go-to hangover food or give you a back massage… who doesn’t want that. 

Buy SERVD – His & Hers ($26.99) from Amazon here.

Hot Seat Card Game, $66.69

Hot Seat is the adult party game that’s all about you. What’s your spirit animal? What’s your safe word? What do you refuse to do unless you’re drunk? Even more importantly — what do your friends think? Find out who thinks your spirit animal is a drunk alpaca… and who thinks it’s an accountant. Are you ready for a round of Hot Seat?

Buy Hot Seat Card Game ($66.69) from Amazon here.

Cards Against Humanity, $30.99

As far as adult card games go, Cards Against Humanity is top tier! Unlike most of the party games you’ve played before, Cards Against Humanity is as despicable and awkward as you and your friends. The game is simple. Each round, one player asks a question from a black card, and everyone else answers with their funniest white card. Pre-warning… this card game can go to some wild places.

Buy Cards Against Humanity ($30.99) from Amazon here.

Quick and Dirty Adult Card Game, $25.99

Quick And Dirty is as outrageous as Cards Against Humanity. It’s simple to learn: A category card gets flipped over e.g. “Something you lick”, followed by a letter card e.g. “B”. The first player to yell an answer that fits the category starting with the letter B wins the round. Sounds tame enough, but you won’t believe the words coming out of your mates’ mouths as they’re forced to think quick!

Buy Quick and Dirty ($25.99) from Amazon here.

Fk. The Game, $22.95

adult card games

F**k. The Game is an all Aussie card game that’ll help you get smarter while swearing at your friends. Each player takes turns flipping over a card and shouting out what they see. Depending on your card, you might say the background colour, the text colour or the swear word. Keep playing until someone messes up and is forced to pick up all the cards. The winner is the first player to get rid of their cards.

Buy Fk. The Game ($22.95) from Amazon here. 


adult card games

You’ll find out who your real mates are with this one. To play, choose a Player Identity Card and place it face up in front of you. Collect a Voting Card for every other person playing. The last person to arrive starts as The Dictator. The Dictator picks up a Question Card and reads it out loud. The Dictator then silently votes by putting the matching Player Voting Card face down in front of them. Each player then casts a silent vote by guessing who the Dictator voted for. Then, everybody takes turns one-by-one revealing their vote, ending with the Dictator. if you voted the same as the Dictator you get 1 point! Unless you used your Double Down Card. Then you get 2 points! First to 7 points wins. 

Buy BAD PEOPLE ($39) from Amazon here. 

We’re Not Really Strangers, $54.53

adult card games

We’re Not Really Strangers is broken down into three carefully crafted levels of questions and wildcards — Level 1 is perception, Level 2 is connection, Level 3 is reflection — each level offers the players an opportunity to either deepen their existing relationship or create new ones. We’re Not Really Strangers questions range from simple things like, ‘Do I seem like a morning person or a night owl?’ through to ‘Are you lying to yourself about anything?’ You can check out our full review of the card game here. 

Buy the ‘We’re Not Really Strangers’ card game ($54.53) from Amazon here.

UNO, $7

adult card games

Okay, we’re only starting here because not owning UNO is downright blasphemy. It’s an iconic childhood card game that ages excellently. If you’ve never played before (who are you??), it’s relatively simple to pick up… you’ll be arguing over whether a draw two can go on top of a draw four in no time.

Buy UNO ($7) from Amazon here.


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