Why You Should Get Cards Against Humanity

Just yesterday, the long-out-of-stock card game Cards Against Humanity became available at Amazon. I had been waiting to order the game ever since I first played it at a party about a month ago, so I jumped on the opportunity.

What do you know, my deck of cards arrived today! So, I thought I'd make a video to show you guys why it's so much fun, and to give a sampling of the gleefully offensive and wonderfully random cards the game offers.

If you want to order the game, you can get it for $US25 on Amazon, and Canadians can get it for the same price on Shopify. Best of all, if you're hard-up for cash, you can print your own set for free.

Of course, I recommend buying the printed version, if only because the cards are nice-looking and it's cool to support the people who made the game.

Have good offensive card-gaming, everyone!

Cards Against Humanity [Official Page]


    The link to print your own doesn't work.

    I'm in Australia, and I want this SO BAD but I can't get it!

      They are in the process of setting up international ordering. Email them at [email protected]

        I would definately advise you send them an e-mail asking to set up international orders. Be nice and talk about how you think the game is a great idea. They e-mailed me back and I've now purchased a copy and it's on it's way to me here in Australia.

      You could always print your own set. They've got PDFs on the official site for free. Not quite the same as a properly printed game I guess.

    Why you shouldn't just repost all the articles: Amazon won't ship it to Australia.

    So... it's MADlibs with a hard-on for Helvetica?

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