Cards Against Humanity Gets Real For Lance Armstrong

Cards Against Humanity Gets Real For Lance Armstrong

Well then. This is kind of awkward.

This is the inevitable card that came up when disgraced cyclist Lance Armstrong played Cards Against Humanity recently:


    That's It?! Just a twitter post of a card of a game that mentions a washed up sports person?

      On the one hand, I share your incredulity. On the other, I know this is just what the US site does these days and accept it.

      That's Patricia for you. Bringing you the vitally important issues of the day in the form of a thoroughly well planned article. More words in this comment than in this article. I probably put more thought into it as well

        I still find it hard to understand why this is allowed. Even on Giz US? Surely this "article" could have just been a quick post to their FB or twitter feeds, and NOT on their main site?

        It's not journalism, it's social commentary AT BEST. leave it on casual mediums

          Boy, I hope that Patricia is an intern or something because waking up a noon, scrolling through Reddit and reposting content with 2 sentences of commentary is a job I'd like to have. Ditto with Plunkett on occasion.

      You got Patricia'd

        Is this a joke now? Because if so I have something to say to you:

          I used it on Patricia's article last time when the whole article's main point was in quote and it was missing. Then Luke came along and I guess I'll be using it to make fun of Patricia when her troll articles appear.

          How could you say that to me!

          Last edited 20/05/14 3:33 pm

    Why not just have a bar on the right pointing to youtube videos, gifs and twitter posts?

    Oh right, then you'd have no articles.

    I am over this cut and paste mish mash of crap articles/blog style posts with retweets aka el plagerismo. Kotaku app uninstalled , ahh that's better

    Who cares what a liar and a cheat thinks about a card game?

    Jesus Chocolate Teapot Christ.

    Write a fucking letter to Kotaku US, will have a better result than going to every in brief interest piece and bitching about the same thing or person doing the Job the freaking website expects of them.

    "Well then. This is kind of awkward."

    Yeah, I know right? Someone's job is ACTUALLY to write a whole lot of NOTHING.

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