Elden Ring’s Most Misleading Item Just Became One Of Its Best In The Huge Update

Elden Ring’s Most Misleading Item Just Became One Of Its Best In The Huge Update

FromSoftware games are known for being opaque, but sometimes it’s legitimately just a bug. Case in point: the Opaline Hardtear, a minor bullet point in Tuesday’s enormous PVP-centric Elden Ring patch.

After defeating the Putrid Tree Avatar in Caelid, you get a new concoction to mix into your Flask of Wondrous Physick. I remember this fight clearly, not just because it was a hard-won battle against rot, but because the loot description for the Opaline Hardtear promised something pretty damn good. “Temporarily boosts all damage negations in Physick,” it read.

All damage, I thought to myself? A no-brainer, I equipped it. I then went on for hours feeling extremely confused because I didn’t seem to notice a difference in action after popping the Physick. Eventually, I just went back to what I had equipped before.

Players testing the item found out that, for whatever reason, the tear actually only negated elemental damage for a short period of time, which, while useful, is also circumstantial and a huge step down for the all-purpose application that initially seemed possible. While some used its misstated strengths, just as many labelled the Opaline as useless.

But with patch 1.06, balance has been restored. “Fixed a bug which caused the “Opaline Hardtear” to not boost physical damage negation,” the patch notes read. More specifically, after testing, the Opaline provides 10% damage negation along with elemental negation. The possibilities here are pretty damn good, if you’re smart.

PVP players note, for example, that you could combine the Hardtear with the Dragoncrest Greatshield Talisman, which reduces physical damage by 20%, and Radiant Baldachin’s Blessing, something that grants 35% damage negation, combined with Bull Goat armour for a reported 72.8% resistance overall. Why stop there? You could probably pop some Boiled Crab for that sweet 20% physical resistance. The world is your oyster, my brothers in grace.

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Elden Ring’s 1.06 patch is a huge one, gameplay-wise, especially for anyone who happened to abuse Bloodhound Step or Rivers of Blood. Beyond having some underrated changes like the Opaline, there were also some pretty funny ones, too. Get this: for a long time, wearing a dress in Elden Ring was basically hard mode. And now you can’t run around with Fia’s illegal underwear anymore. I’m sorry.

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