Elden Ring’s Chillest Boss Likes To Explode Out Of Baby Birds, Modder Reveals

Elden Ring’s Chillest Boss Likes To Explode Out Of Baby Birds, Modder Reveals

An Elden Ring data miner has discovered one of the game’s most peaceful bosses likes to hatch out of little animals like a scene out of Alien. Or the child that crawled out of the chest cavity of our dear friend Colin Robinson. Cool, cool, cool.

The Ancestor Spirit is an optional boss you can fight in the Siofra River deep below the surface of the Lands in Between. It’s a crusty corpse of an elk creature with a staggeringly heavy crown of antlers and sagging skin and fur.

Ghostly spirits of other animals such as birds and pigs co-exist in the boss fight area. When the Ancestral Spirit is wounded, it teleports away from you to another location.

But here’s where things take a Lovecraftian turn. Elden Ring YouTuber Zullie the Witch discovered the Ancestor Spirit doesn’t just teleport around the map. It “basically explodes” from out of one of the little creatures’ bodies. Nasty stuff. How am I meant to go on living knowing this information? Its AI pattern and moves also change depending on what animal it hatches out from.

The modder said they were first alerted to the weird AI pattern when they saw fellow modder Kirnifr examining the beast’s AI.

“Kirnifr helped elaborate on how the selection process for the animals worked and the way it stores and replaces its different moves through special effects, which helped me a lot with testing in-game and also pointed out the evidently defunct giant antler buff,” they said in a pinned comment on the YouTube video.

“The AI has an action for performing the giant antler animation but it doesn’t seem like it can actually use it. I wasn’t able to get the spirit to perform it on their own and didn’t see it ever happen in the several videos I watched of other people fighting it so it’s either unused or unbelievably rare.

“Kirnifr also pointed out that the Ancestor Spirit seemed to specifically warp to the location of one of the animal spirits which led me to observe that it basically explodes out from their body[.] I don’t think either of us expected [that].”

Catch the full video below.


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