One Of Bayonetta 3’s New Magical Powers Transforms Her Into…A Train

One Of Bayonetta 3’s New Magical Powers Transforms Her Into…A Train

With each new Bayonetta game comes a new look for the “tall enough to kick your arse” umbran witch. But in Bayonetta 3, Cereza takes on a new form entirely: a demonic train.

That might sound like the setup for a shit post, but I shit you not, one of Bayonetta’s newest forms turns her into a rootin tootin’ train. This new locomotive transformation is right in train sight on Nintendo’s Japanese webpage for Bayonetta 3. Turns out, Bayonetta is able to vogue dance herself into a little engine that could thanks to a new power called Demon Masquerade. Demon Masquerade allows Bayonetta to fuse with her weapons, take on their form, and unleash a flurry of demonic combos.

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According to the website, Bayonetta’s entire body shoots out chainsaw-like weapons similar to Chainsaw Man after fusing with the demon engine Dead End Express. Rip and rest, Salamandra. I suppose chainsaws follow the same principles as trains if you really think about it. To make matters all the sweeter, she can also run at “high speed” when in train form, too. After laying out a rail of blue fire, Trainyonetta will choo choo in its path like Sora’s Big Magic Mountain Theme Park Attraction Flow Attack in Kingdom Hearts 3. I’m guessing Sora gave Bayonetta that engine-ious combat tip shortly after he joined Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

Oh and there’s Trainyonetta lore, as well. Demon End Express’ is named T696, and as you might’ve gathered, it isn’t any ordinary locomotive. Turns out it’s a combat train from “a world far, far, away” that was manufactured for national defence using cutting-edge technology. Naturally, somewhere down the line, T696 was turned into a demon with a “vengeful spirit” which explains the goddamn chainsaws that pop out of its sides.

But why a train weapon, tho? Bayonetta, much like Dante from the Devil May Cry series, makes contracts with demons that transform them into stylish weapons. In the past, Dante’s had unorthodox weapons like a guitar, a cowboy hat, and Pandora’s box. Bayonetta’s weirdest weapons include ice skates, Super Mario 64’s Chain Chomp, and a thinly-veiled metaphor for a vibrator. Recently, Dante was able to turn a motorcycle into a weapon with Cavaliere in Devil May Cry 5, so it’s only right that Bayonetta gets to do the same with Thomas the Demonic Tank Engine in Bayonetta 3. It’s equality.

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Outside of T696, the only other new Demonic Masquerade transformation that’s worth mentioning on the merit of its bonkers premise is her demonic microphone called Ribbit Libido-BZ55l. After fusing with a fashionable infernal demon toad named Baal, Bayonetta’s impeccable singing voice turns into a powerful weapon that weakens enemies, raises her attack power, and leaves a trail of poison in her wake. Yeah, Bayonetta 3 is shaping up to be metal AF in more ways than one. I await the day PlatinumGames and Capcom combine their prospective powers and wacky ideas by letting Bayonetta and her “play cousin” Dante form a band. We all know they’d both rock so hard together live.

Bayonetta 3 is slated to release on October 28 on Nintendo Switch.


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