Saints Row To Receive Major Patch In November, Over 200 Fixes And QoL Changes

Saints Row To Receive Major Patch In November, Over 200 Fixes And QoL Changes

Saints Row developer Volition has detailed the major new patch coming to the game in November in a post on the game’s official blog.

Right now, Volition says the new Saints Row patch will prioritise fixes and improvements over new features. With over one million players booting the game up since its launch in August, this focus shouldn’t come as much of a surprise. The coming update will reportedly feature over 200 bug fixes and improvements to overall stability.

“We’re especially aware of issues some players have been having with co-op and we’re sorry these fixes have taken longer than expected while we apply and test them thoroughly,” reads the post.

It’s not just bug fixes on the way, either. Volition says the patch will push numerous quality-of-life updates. This includes reduced activity repetition, improvements to vehicle management systems, and rebalancing challenges to make them feel more rewarding.

Despite committing to beating the game into shape over the short-to-medium term, Volition says plans for new content aren’t off the table. Saints Row is still set to receive fresh campaign content next year, which will be available through its Expansion Pass and sold separately. It says there are new map areas and “gameplay experiences” in active development as well.

So, for now, the future seems reasonably bright. For those who’ve been waiting since August for fixes to come through, it means there are only about three weeks to go before you’ll be able to jump into Saints Row and have a better time than you might have at launch.

If you’d like to read our full review of Saints Row, you can do so over here. Fair warning, I didn’t think much of it,  but your mileage may vary. The game has proven popular among players less particular than me, who found its anachronistic design strategy quite endearing. More power to them, I genuinely hope they had a great time with it and I wish I felt the same way. I’d be keen to give it another after the patch, to be honest.

Do you feel the same? Did you like Saints Row? Hate it? Were you waiting for a patch or a discount before you jumped in? Let me know in the comments.

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