Music Producer Who Worked On God Of War Ragnarök Says She’s Yet To Be Credited

Music Producer Who Worked On God Of War Ragnarök Says She’s Yet To Be Credited

It takes many people to work on a game like God of War Ragnarök. Not just in coding and programming, but also in the audio sector.

One of the music production interns for God of War Ragnarök Jessica Mao, who notably worked on the editing, arrangement, and implementation of the Freya chase scene and Thor boss fight music, has posted a short thread on Twitter about her work on the game.

From my perspective, it’s always very cool to hear about what goes into the creation of video games in ways that we don’t often think about, like the adaptive composition of its music.

Unfortunately, this thread has a bit of a sour ending, as Mao reveals that despite her work on the game, her name does not appear in the credits of God of War Ragnarök.

The tweet that Mao references here is the tweet below.

Mao worked full-time at Santa Monica Studio as a music production intern from June to August 2021, and from many people’s perspectives it sounds like she did enough work to be considered above the ‘minimum criteria for an in-game credit’.

Credits in large-scale games like these make it easier for workers in the games industry to refer back to work they’ve done in order to attain work in the future, as well as provide workers with a sense of pride in the work they’ve done being worthy enough of credit.

Sean LaValle, who works as a senior audio technical designer at Santa Monica Studio, replied to the end of Mao’s thread with his condolences, stating that he will ‘ask about’ an amendment to the credits of God of War Ragnarök, though it ‘may indeed be too late’.

A situation like this is quite timely considering recent events in the games industry related to composers not getting due credit. Of course, there’s the ongoing situation with Mick Gordon and iD Software/Bethesda, which will seemingly never end.

And then there’s Hbomberguy’s most recent video which sheds a light on how the lack of proper crediting for composers in video games can lead to one guy just taking credit for anything and everything (if you haven’t watched it, I highly recommend giving it a watch).

The days of development teams having to hide their names in video game easter eggs and female composers having to go by pseudonyms in credits feel like they’re long behind us, so why should people who worked on video games have to fight tooth and nail to be recognised for their contributions?

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