A Fatal Warzone 2 Glitch Is Making Helicopters Explode

A Fatal Warzone 2 Glitch Is Making Helicopters Explode

Call of Duty’s free-to-play battle royale Warzone 2.0 has an airborne issue. According to one redditor’s January 4 post, a glitch is causing attack helicopters to explode suddenly, spelling instant death for the player.

“Small dev team guys,” the post says sarcastically, referencing the 3,000 Activision employees reportedly working solely on Call of Duty titles, despite the franchise’s constant glitching. The Reddit video itself is short and, at first, innocuous — the player flies a helicopter normally until seeming to tap an invisible wall. Then, the helicopter promptly dissolves into flames.

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“DID YOU JUST GET HIT BY A TREE BRO??” one comment says, saying they saw a similar “invisible hit box in the air issue” in an older Warzone clip. “This company [keeps] on making the same exact mistakes.” In an email to Kotaku, developer Activision said it would “look into this and get back to [Kotaku] today.”

“Tbf helis are hot garbage in this warzone,” says another comment. “I’ve blown one up just landing near a building and my blades clipped the edge. They feel jank af and heavy as hell.” Within the last month, players have also seen helicopters phasing completely through walls, and were so disappointed with Warzone 2.0’s impervious heavy choppers that the game’s developers disabled it on December 16.

Warzone 2.0’s most recent patch went out shortly before that, on December 14, though other complaints of random shadowbans and disappearing icons for care package loadout drops might necessitate another one soon.

This week’s playlist update includes third-person battle royale for duos and mini royale for trios. The developers also fixed a bug that increased trio battle royale loadout prices to $US32,000 ($44,422) — they returned the price to its original $US24,000 ($33,317). Sounds good, on the ground.



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