Bryan Fuller Offers Intriguing News On Friday The 13th’s Prequel Show

Bryan Fuller Offers Intriguing News On Friday The 13th’s Prequel Show

This weekend marks the first Friday the 13th of the year, and for horror fans, that meant looking back on the Friday the 13th franchise. The film rights are a bit of a mess, but that didn’t stop Peacock from announcing that it was working on a TV prequel series called Crystal Lake headed up by Bryan Fuller of Hannibal fame.

According to Fandom’s Eric Goldman, Fuller and several Crystal Lake writers made an appearance during a Friday night screening of Friday the 13th Part III. It was there that Fuller provided some tidbits of news on the show, such as that such as Kevin Williamson, writer of Scream and Peacock’s recent horror flick Sick, has been tapped to write at least one episode for the series. He added that the show’s music would be a mix of old and new: Harry Manfredini (composer for most of the franchise’s films) would write a “classic” score for the show, and an unannounced composer would provide a more modern one.

Casting wise, Fuller revealed that the show’s already locked in one cast member: Adrienne King, who played Alice Hardy in the original Friday the 13th from 1980. King will have a recurring role in the series. At the moment, it’s unclear if she’ll just be playing an older version of Alice or have a whole new role to play in the prequel. As far as other franchise characters are concerned, Fuller said that the show would cover “the life and times of these two characters.” Presumably, this is referring to Jason Voorhees and his mother Pamela — the show can apparently use elements from any film post-Friday Part I, so there’s an interesting future ahead in store for the show.

As far as the future of the series is confirmed, Fuller has reportedly pitched four seasons worth of material for Crystal Lake. He claimed that Peacock would have to pay a “pretty hefty penalty” if the show got axed after one season, so that at least gives the show a bit of a security blanket. Maybe by season four, Fuller will have decided that it’s the right time for the show to go to space.

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