Pokémon Streamer’s Credit Card Details Get Leaked Live… By His Pet Fish

Pokémon Streamer’s Credit Card Details Get Leaked Live… By His Pet Fish

Dogs rip apart your favourite sneakers, cats throw up on the carpet, and goats eat anything and everything in sight. But what about pet fish? Well, apparently they show your credit card details to a livestream full of viewers.

Mutekimaru Channel is a Japanese YouTube and Twitch streamer that has had a long-running series called ‘Fish Play Pokémon’, where Mutekimaru’s pet fish have played 20,000 hours of Pokémon games including Crystal, LeafGreen, and Sapphire.

This is done through a program and circuit board that Mutekimaru has put together that uses motion tracking. The circuit board has a sheet of paper with button inputs on it which is placed behind the fish tank, so when a fish swims by a button input the circuit board picks up the motion and inputs the relevant movement. It’s honestly very cool!

Most recently, Mutekimaru’s school of fish has been playing Pokémon Violet live on stream. Pokémon Violet, despite being one of the most successful Pokémon games released to date, has seen its fair share of technical issues which includes the odd crash. And that’s exactly how the madness started.

First reported by Automaton Media, the Fish Play Pokémon Violet livestream on January 15th took a left turn when Pokémon Violet crashed unexpectedly. From there, the following events occurred:

  1. The fish return to the home menu.
  2. The fish go to the Profile Settings and change Mutekimaru’s nickname to “Rowawawa¥”.
  3. The fish look around in Friend Suggestions and show Mutekimaru’s profile.
  4. The fish open the Nintendo eShop.
  5. The fish read some Terms and Conditions.
  6. The fish close the Nintendo eShop.
  7. The fish reopen the Nintendo eShop.
  8. The fish go to the eShop Wallet page, slightly revealing Mutekimaru’s credit card information.
  9. The fish go to Add Funds, making Mutekimaru’s credit card information even more apparent.
  10. The fish add 500 yen (roughly $5.61 AUD) to Mutekimaru’s eShop wallet.
  11. The fish go to the Nintendo Switch Online app.
  12. The fish purchase profile icons using Platinum Points.
  13. The fish download the NSO Nintendo 64 Library.
  14. The fish return to the home screen and put the console to sleep.

According to a highlight video on the Mutekimaru YouTube channel, the streamer attempted to reach out to Nintendo and ask for a refund “for items purchased in error by my pet fish”. Nintendo is yet to respond.

If you’d like to watch the full video for yourself, I’ll link it here. It’s got English subtitles, and it’s fucking hilarious.

Previously, we’ve seen Mutekimaru’s fish Lala discover a glitch in Pokémon Sapphire that had previously been undiscovered until the betta fish came across it. These fish continue to amaze, and now they’ve potentially made history as the first fish in the world to leak their owner’s credit card information to the online world.

Isn’t nature beautiful?


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