Zack Snyder’s Rebel Moon Finally Reveals Some Footage

Zack Snyder’s Rebel Moon Finally Reveals Some Footage

Although Zack Snyder first announced he would be making a science fiction epic Rebel Moon back in July of 2021, it feels like we’ve been waiting a lot longer — a lot — to actually see what the damn thing looks like. Thankfully, Netflix has rolled out a preview of what’s coming to the streaming service in 2023, and it includes the first look at the movie in action, emphasis on the action.

If you know these Netflix preview compilations, you know they contain only the briefest smatterings of footage, but at least it’s enough to know Rebel Moon does indeed exist. The look begins at 2:02:

Really, it’s too little to get any sort of sense of the sci-fantasy movie other than “very violent, R-rated Star Wars” (not to be confused with the “gritty and grounded Star Wars” of Andor). Snyder did tweet that star Sofia Boutella, seen up top, will play Kora, “the reluctant hero from a peaceful colony who is about to find she’s her people’s last hope.” The movie also stars Charlie Hunnam, Djimon Housou, Ray Fisher, Jena Malone, Ed Skrein, Anthony Hopkins, and more.

Now, pop back to 1:25 and check out Damsel, a medieval fantasy film starring Millie Bobby Brown, Angela Bassett, and Robin Wright, looking for all the world like Queen Buttercup. Again, it’s not much, but the sight of Brown wielding a sword certainly has me intrigued.

Image: Netflix

So we can at least watch Damsel, premiering October 13, while we wait for Rebel Moon to enter our orbit on December 22

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