Zack Snyder Has Big Plans For A Rebel Moon Video Game

Zack Snyder Has Big Plans For A Rebel Moon Video Game

Zack Snyder’s vision for his new sci-fantasy Rebel Moon goes far beyond just feature films.Parts One and Two of the movie event are both scheduled to release on Netflix over the next six months, but Snyder and his team are already hard at work expanding the universe into comics, novels, podcasts and, a Rebel Moon video game.

At Gamescom earlier this year the director took to the stage to announce a partnership between Netflix and developer Super Evil Megacorp (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Splintered Fate) that would bring his cinematic universe to the world of mobile gaming. Details on this mobile release are still thin on the ground, but Super Evil Megacorp did confirm it would be a four player co-op action game exclusive to Netflix members.

It’s an expansion that Snyder himself is very excited about:

“[We’re] doing this mobile game that’s gonna be amazing. They can do so much now with mobile gaming technology. It’s pretty incredible. When they were pitching it to us, I was like, wow, that’s possible on a mobile game?” Snyder told Kotaku Australia during the Tokyo press junket for Rebel Moon.

But the director’s gaming ambitions for Rebel Moon don’t end there.

“I think that, in the end, the ideal scenario for this is like a high platform game,” he said.

“…If we continue to make these movies and sort of push it along, then I think that we should really start developing like a big in-world game,” Snyder continued. “Because if we have, god willing, like a six-year trajectory for these movies, you easily could, on the final instalment, come out with a giant game that could equal [the] whole universe that we’ve created.”

Snyder has been vocal about his interest in gaming, telling us he was big on the Call of Duty franchise in the past. Although earlier in the year the director told IGN that another video game had overtaken his life: Fortnite.

“We had sort of taken a hiatus from video games for a little bit, and then we got the PlayStation,” Snyder explained to Kotaku. “It was Christmas of last year, and I got my son Fortnite and that was kind of how it happened. I was like, oh, we’ll just play a little bit together. We can just [have] some Dad time and then he tapped out on the game pretty early – he was like, ‘this isn’t my thing’ – and I said ‘wait, come back! This is pretty cool.’ And I was stuck in there by myself for three months.”

Perhaps Snyder’s Rebel Moon game ambitions will result in a Fortnite collaboration. Actually, that would be kind of cool, and not at all surprising given all the IP Fortnite has gobbled up in the past.

We’ll have to wait and see how things go after Rebel Moon: Part One – A Child of Fire releases on Netflix on December 22.

Lead Image Credit: Netflix

The author of this article travelled to Tokyo as a guest of Netflix.

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