One Piece Creator Asked AI To Write A New Manga Chapter

One Piece Creator Asked AI To Write A New Manga Chapter

Last week, the official One Piece staff Twitter account posted a video of creator Eiichiro Oda diving completely off of the deep end by asking ChatGPT, the world’s most popular AI chat software, to write a new One Piece chapter for him. The tweet described the bold request as Oda asking “the taboo question,” according to Anime News Network.

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According to a translation by Animehunch, Oda told the AI, “I can’t think of what to do with next week’s One Piece, so can you come up with a story for me? I’d like a very funny one.” Doing its best to oblige, ChatGPT’s One Piece chapter pitted Nico Robin against a new villain called the “King of Shadows.” The newly imagined baddy, as his name suggests, can control shadows because they’re a Devil Fruit user. Oh, and the King of Shadows has kidnapped the crew’s doctor and mascot, Tony Tony Chopper.

But hark, the moment the Straw Hats found themselves on the back foot against the King of Shadows, Robin just so happened to remember that she’d previously encountered a legendary “Shadow Tribe,” so she seeks them out again. With their help, the Straw Hats defeat the King of Shadows and save Chopper. The end.

When ChatGPT asked Oda what he thought of the chapter, Oda said it was boring and asked the AI to try writing another story.

This time around, ChatGPT went “full Studio Trigger” by crafting a storyline about the Straw Hats helping an alien, fighting an evil witch, and restoring the star of the alien’s home planet. Oda found ChatGPT’s fantastical storyline to be so “fresh” that he replied to the AI saying, “Thank you! That’s exactly what I’ll do!” Lord Eneru, have mercy on us all.

This isn’t the first time Oda has messed around with AI. Last December, Oda had an AI “draw” an illustration of Cipher Pol agent Rob Lucci. Hilariously, the AI reimagined Lucci as a cute anime girl. This tickled Oda’s funny bone so hard that he drew an illustration of protag Monkey D. Luffy reacting to the “new” Lucci.


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