Report: Michael B. Jordan Wants To Make A Creed Anime Spin-Off

Report: Michael B. Jordan Wants To Make A Creed Anime Spin-Off

Creed III, the latest Rocky spin-off starring (and this time directed by) Michael B. Jordan, is currently killing it at the box office. So it’s not surprising to hear that MGM and its parent company Amazon have big plans for the franchise. However, it’s a little odd that those plans might include an anime series. Well, until you remember that Jordan is a huge anime fan. Then it all makes sense.

Released last week, Creed III is the latest entry in the spin-off of the original Rocky movies. The franchise stars Jordan as Adonis Creed, the illegitimate son of Apollo Creed — a main character from the original films. The first two Creed films were pretty successful at the box office and now this latest entry is blowing up, setting records, and making the people in charge gather together in meetings in some boardroom somewhere and collectively ponder, “Hmmm…how can we milk this into something more?!” The answer: More spin-offs! And according to a report out today, one of those might be an anime series. Really.

Deadline reports that for the past year, MGM and Jordan have been in talks about what’s next and how to expand the series. But now that Creed III is setting box office records, those talks have intensified and plans have grown. And reportedly, among a few other potential projects, it seems Jordan and MGM are looking to greenlight an anime series that would be a spin-off of Creed. Deadline didn’t have much else to share about the anime spin-off, but it seems perfectly on-brand for the Creed III star and director.

In the lead-up to Creed III’s release, Jordan explained in interviews that he wanted Creed III to be filled with anime references, directly pointing to shows like Naruto and Full Metal Alchemist. He also got his co-star, Jonathan Majors, to study up and watch anime before working on the film to better understand the dynamic between Adonis and his rival, Damian Anderson. Hell, even Creed’s boxing shorts in the film are directly inspired by the famous anime hit, Akira. Before all that, he worked with Rooster Teeth on an anime-inspired web series, too.

So really, it makes total sense that once he got enough control over the Rocky/Creed series to call the shots, he might push for an anime spin-off. It was just a matter of time, honestly.

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