Doggy Don’t Care Is About Doin’ Dastardly Deeds As A Damn Dawg

Doggy Don’t Care Is About Doin’ Dastardly Deeds As A Damn Dawg

There’s beauty in the basics, and sometimes the best experience can simply be existing as a little pug that fucks a house up. That’s the gist of Doggy Don’t Care.

Doggy Don’t Care is an upcoming title from Sydney-based developer Rohan Nowell where you play a cute little doggy, potentially a pug, that is left to your own devices after your owners leave the house.

This, of course, means you must become an agent of chaos.

Doggy Don’t Care, as described by its Steam page, will include a variety of puzzles that require you to use items you find around the house to complete. In doing these puzzles as well as other tasks, your friend Rocko the Parrot (who also lives in the house) will reward you with Mischievous Badges. Here’s the full description:

As an adorable mischievous dog, explore and cause chaos in your own home and backyard while your owners are away.

Whether it’s digging holes in the garden, knocking over flower pots, or playing fetch with the automated fetch machine, your actions are only limited by your own curiosity.

Discover a variety of puzzles that challenge you to use items you’ve found in clever ways, and dig in to a list of fun-filled tasks in an attempt to impress your trusty sidekick, Rocko the Parrot, who rewards you with Mischievous Badges.

It’s sure to be a pawsitively unforgettable day!

There also seem to be a bunch of other little things you can do in the game to truly cause chaos, like simply pissing on whatever you want and dropping dog farts. Think Dog’s Life with cuter graphics and more troublemaking.

Personally, I am very excited to be a dumb little dog. I am still hyping myself up for the day that Little Kitty Big City is ready to go, and am a firm believer in the notion of people making silly games for the purpose of being silly. Sometimes, it’s nice to just have fun!

Doggy Don’t Care is still ‘coming soon’, but you can wishlist it on Steam if it tickles your fancy.

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