Space Marine’s Hero Is Going From Tabletop To Video Game To Tabletop

Space Marine’s Hero Is Going From Tabletop To Video Game To Tabletop

Lieutenant Titus has had a long strange journey, even for a massive, alien-stomping, genetically enhanced religious zealot. He’s gone from being the star of the surprisingly-solid Space Marine video game over a decade a go, to emerging from obscurity and across the rubicon Primaris for its surprise upcoming sequel. And now, at last, he’s going to the tabletop that inspired him.

To go with some new gameplay footage from Space Marine II revealed yesterday as part of Games Workshop’s very own gaming news event, the tabletop miniatures maker also confirmed that Titus would be getting his very own Warhammer miniature to headline Space Marine: The Video Game: The Board Game.

Image: Games Workshop

It’s the first time that Titus — demoted from Captain to Lieutenant after the events of the first game, and now upgraded into the even-more-enhanced Primaris Space Marine gene template — has actually had a dedicated miniature in Warhammer, and at first he’ll be tricky to get. Instead of a standard release for 40K, Titus will star in a special boxed board game that will exclusively available starting in the US at Target, before being released elsewhere internationally. Titus himself will then eventually be released as a standalone miniature for gamers to either display or use him as a normal Primaris Lieutenant in their Space Marine armies.

Editor’s note: I seriously doubt there will be any kind of exclusivity deal in Australia, but I will look into it and let you know if I find anything. — David.

Space Marine: The Board Game, much like Space Marine (the video game) will face Titus off as a lone warrior against a swarm of 22 Tyranid miniatures — a host of Termagants, and two ripper swarms — where instead your ability to roll dice well will decide his survival, rather than how well you can smash a gamepad.

Space Marine: The Board Game is set to hit shelves in the near future, while Space Marine II is scheduled for a release sometime later this year.


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