Friday’s Nintendo Direct Is All About Super Mario Bros Wonder

Friday’s Nintendo Direct Is All About Super Mario Bros Wonder

It’s Nintendo Direct time again, folks. This time, we’re getting a look at Super Mario Bros Wonder.

Super Mario Bros Wonder is the next in the New Super Mario Bros series of classically styled 2D, sidescrolling platformers. These games have proven popular in the past and are most widely enjoyed as chaotic, uproarious cooperative experiences. They seek to capture a style of platformer that has largely fallen out of fashion — the very sort that Super Mario Bros popularised on the NES, with many modern flourishes thrown in to keep it fresh. It seems to work! The 2D Mario formula is still kicking after all these years.

In addition to featuring many favourite characters from the series, and a change to Mario’s voice, Super Mario Bros Wonder is also notable for allowing the player to transform Mario into an Elephant Man.

This is what peak performance looks like. You may not like it, etc. Image: Nintendo

Look at this guy. An utterly sturdy unit. A proper brick sh*thouse. An inspiration to plus-size boys everywhere.

You can find out more about Elephant Mario, and the other forms he can take (I GUESS, like they even MATTER) during the Direct.

When To See The Super Mario Bros Wonder Nintendo Direct In Australian Times

You can catch the Super Mario Bros Wonder Direct streamed live on Nintendo’s YouTube channel.

Because the show starts at midnight on the Australian east coast, there’s a bit of date hopping involved. To help you out, we’ve collated all the start times across Australia and New Zealand by timezone. See below for kick-off times in your neck of the woods:


September 1

12:00 AM AEST


August 31

11:30 PM, ACST


August 31

10:00 PM AWST


September 1

2:00 AM NZST

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