Please Do Not Knock Over This Huge Lego Sonic At PAX Aus This Weekend

Please Do Not Knock Over This Huge Lego Sonic At PAX Aus This Weekend

As you may already be aware, Sega is bringing a playable build of Sonic Superstars to PAX Aus this weekend (along with a playable build of Like A Dragon: Gaiden). If you’re hoping to get hands-on with these titles, plan your Expo Hall time accordingly and expect to wait in a bit of line to play them.

While you’re waiting in the Sonic Superstars line, you may see a vision appear before you. Blue and angular. A bit bricky. You may bear witness to this absolute unit.

Image: Sega, Lego, The Brickman

Yes, that’s a big arse Sonic the Hedgehog made out of Lego, and he’ll be placed (with a great deal of trepidation, I’m sure) within the Sega booth in the Expo Hall across all three days of this weekend’s convention. If you’ve visited the Expo Hall at PAX Aus before, you’ll be aware of what a crowded space it is. Even within the roped-off booth areas, space isn’t exactly at a premium unless you’re prepared to pay the big bucks. So, when visiting the Sega booth, maybe just be mindful that a huge Lego Sonic may be lurking in the vicinity so that you don’t knock it over, scatting a storm of Lego bricks across the show floor.

Image: Sega, Lego, The Brickman

The statue was designed by famed Australian Lego Certified Professional Ryan “Brickman” McNaught and his team. It took 103 hours to build and comprises over 25,000 individual bricks. McNaught is a familiar face at major local events these days, with everyone from PAX Aus to the Australian Grand Prix chasing him for his trademark lifesize megabuilds.

PAX Aus 2023 kicks off at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre this coming Friday. Sonic Superstars launches October 17 on just about everything. You can check out our full preview right over here.

Lead image: Sega, Lego, The Brickman

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