Local Spotlight: Letters To Arralla Lets You Deliver Mail As A Turnip With A Dumptruck Ass

Local Spotlight: Letters To Arralla Lets You Deliver Mail As A Turnip With A Dumptruck Ass

Sometimes I dream about being a cutesy turnip with an absolute dumptruck ass in a cozy game set on an idyllic tiny island – but now I no longer have to, thanks to Letters to Arralla

Letters to Arralla is an upcoming wholesome, exploratory RPG that sees you, a newly-recruited mail-turnip, delivering letters and parcels to the residents of Arralla, a small fictional island off the coast of Victoria. Over the course of a week, you’ll deliver all sorts of packages to the adorable fruit and veggie residents – who also happen to have the fresh produce version of a Pixar Mom Ass. Each of the townsfolk has their own story, and as you meet them, you can help and heal them “through the process of kindness, friendship, and express delivery.”

Letters to Arralla was one of the recipients of Screen Australia’s Games: Expansion Pack’s most recent $2.4 million round of funding in July alongside other titles like Tempopo, The Godfeather: A Mafia Pigeon Saga, and darkwebSTREAMER, and comes from Victorian and Tasmanian game developing outfit Little Pink Clouds.

Of course, delivering the mail for the residents of Arralla as a “little turnip with [a] big dumpy” complete with jiggle physics isn’t as straightforward on the island as you might expect. Each letter comes with a pictogram on the envelope that you’ll need to solve to find the address. 

While mail delivery and making friends are two key aims in Letters to Arralla, Little Pink Clouds, the studio behind the game, also promises silly chaos for your silly little turnip friend – including playing “endlessly” with the beach ball, destroying the public chessboard, and rummaging through shrubland. As the game’s description says: “The world is your oyster and your boss won’t mind at all (we can guarantee it as the developers).”

Letters to Arralla
Image: Little Pink Clouds

Beyond all those jiggling butts, Letters to Arralla is also visually gorgeous, with sun-soaked beachside boardwalks, and distinctly Australian-looking shrubland and coastal buildings. The adorable residents of Arralla are living it up in their island paradise that’s reminiscent of many coastal Victorian towns – and as a result, feel kind of nostalgic in their own way, although I can’t say my coastal childhood memories included double cheeked up fruit and veggies.

If you missed the demo available at PAX Aus, check out the Steam page for Letters To Arralla – it’ll be coming to PC on release, although there’s no concrete release date just yet. I, for one, can’t wait to play this cozy, yet equally silly, little title when it’s out.

Lead Image Credit: Little Pink Clouds

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