It’s Time To Prove You Could Actually Kick Chucky’s Butt

It’s Time To Prove You Could Actually Kick Chucky’s Butt

‘80s horror icon Chucky has a massive kill count—though, that doesn’t stop naysayers from thinking they could easily take the deadly doll down.

“He’s literally the size of a fucking toddler,” a Reddit post with thousands of upvotes says.

“I think that as long as I have some sort of broom or long stick to bat away an assault and keep Chucky outside a 7-foot radius of my person, I would be safe,” reasoned a 2014 Gizmodo post.

Well, the asymmetrical survival horror game Dead by Daylight is offering those who agree a monumental opportunity. Chucky is joining as its latest playable Killer; it’s time to beat him in a fight.

Speaking for myself—5’4, prone to anxious sweating, poor hand-eye coordination—I could not beat Chucky in a fight. He is the soul of a serial killer transferred and trapped in a baby boy doll with fried orange hair and waxy cheeks. Like, what the hell? I’m 5’4, and you think I’m going to win against eternal human evil made more evasive by its vessel of simulated youth? I don’t think so.

But I recognize that he’s small. I’m sure I could get a kick in before I remember I’m making physical contact with a possessed doll and start sweating so much it burns my eyes and makes me walk into a wall and pass out. DbD developer Behaviour Interactive recognizes Chucky’s size, too. “It’s a character that I never thought we could bring into [the game] because of his size,” head of partnerships Mathieu Côté said in a press release. But “the team has outdone itself to prove me wrong.”

Image: Behaviour Interactive

DbD players will be able to exploit tiny Chucky (voiced, as always, by actor Brad Dourif) for a particularly brazen playstyle. Since he’s waist-high, his unique Scamper ability lets him glide under obstacle pallets and fling himself through open windows easily. You can use his stealth to lock Survivor characters in a pressure cooker—when it’s time to get aggressive, Chucky’s charge-up sprint Slice & Dice special attack will terrorize them. Once they’re down, his human ghost manifests and helps out with tall person tasks—sinking Survivors into sacrificial hooks and messing with their generator repairs.

“He adds such a fun flavor of jump scare to the game,” game designer Jason Guzzo said in the press release, “and his voice lines are a darkly comedic twist to the gameplay of Dead by Daylight.”

He, along with a Bride of Chucky skin (voiced by original actress Jennifer Tilly), come to DbD November 28, though you can play a Steam test build now through November 13. Let me know how you fare.

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