Lake Is Getting Christmas-Themed DLC And I’m Ready To Be A Postie Again

Lake Is Getting Christmas-Themed DLC And I’m Ready To Be A Postie Again

Lake is getting Christmas DLC called Season’s Greetings and I’m honestly stoked about it.

If you haven’t played it before, Lake is a tranquil little game about being a postie. Set in the 1980s, you play a character named Meredith Weiss who returns to her hometown of Providence Oaks, Oregon. Meredith has come home for a break from her hectic career at a major software company, and to do a bit of soul-searching. While she’s crashing in her childhood home, she picks up a bit of work for her father, the town postman. The thrust of the game is that you drive around Providence Oaks in a mail van, delivering the post and meeting the town’s various inhabitants.

It’s a great little game. I loved playing it, even though it very nearly kickstarted my midlife crisis and made me want to move into the bush.

That’s all preamble to the short-run expansion launching this week. Lake: Season’s Greetings takes players back to Providence Oaks for the holidays. Set during the Christmas before Meredith’s return, you play as her father Thomas, making sure gifts are delivered on time. The expansion includes five new characters to meet. According to the devs, it also addresses questions left unanswered in the original game.

It does not, at this stage, appear that Lake: Season’s Greetings is a paid expansion. At the very least, I cannot find anywhere publisher Whitethorn Games has indicated it will be paid content. Rather, if you already own a copy of Lake, it looks like the Season’s Greetings content will be added to your existing install.

I’m not much of a Christmas game person. Years of working in retail took whatever holiday cheer I might have had from me long ago. My Yuletide gaming tradition usually involves reinstalling the Santa’s Rampage edition of Viscera Cleanup Detail, putting Karnivool on and knocking back a whiskey. But this might be enough to finally get me in the holiday spirit.

Lake: Season’s Greetings arrives on Thursday. Publisher Whitethorn Games says Lake will be 50% off on Steam and the Epic Store to celebrate just in case you don’t already own it. Xbox Game Pass subscribers can get the Special Delivery bundle, which includes both Lake and the DLC for 40% off.


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