FF7 Rebirth’s Best Materia For Dealing Magic Damage

FF7 Rebirth’s Best Materia For Dealing Magic Damage

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth grants its characters a wide array of abilities and powers. While each character can learn a number of offensive attacks through weapons and their Folio skill trees, materia is central to the game. These magical orbs that grant you abilities and powers offer a number of great spells your characters can learn to deal damage to your opponents.

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This guide breaks down the different kinds of spell attacks your characters can use in Rebirth, with their locations listed. If you’re looking to heal or buff your party, please see our respective guides on those topics or our general primer on Rebirth’s materia system.

Elemental Magic

Let’s kick things off with the basics. Final Fantasy VII Rebirth has four magical elements: Fire, Ice, Lightning, and Wind (sorry 1997, Earth/Quake ain’t here). While these are powerful on their own as spell attacks, they are essential to Rebirth’s combat puzzle: countless enemies you’ll face have specific elemental weaknesses that upon exploiting, you’ll either aggravate the enemy further by Pressuring them or will just do more damage.

There are materia orbs for each element, and they are damn near close to infinitely abundant in Rebirth, so while you will find many of these scattered about the world, don’t worry too much about missing them. Most shops will sell you elemental magic orbs of materia for 600 Gil. They also appear as rewards for various Combat Simulator trials.

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As each materia levels up, you’ll be able to cast higher versions of these spells. At a materia’s Level 1, Fire will cast Fire. You can cast Fira once it reaches Level 2 and Firaga at Level 3. These heightened spells take more time, with the -aga variants requiring two ATB charges to cast in battle.

Here are some specific locations for each element (remember you can buy all of these at shops):

Fire: In Cloud’s initial loadout, reward for “Combat Training: Cloud” and “Corel Region Intel: Level 2” in Chadley’s Combat Simulator.

Ice: In Tifa’s initial loadout, reward for “Combat Training: Tifa” and “Grasslands Region Intel: Level 2 in Chadley’s Combat Simulator.

Lightning: In Barret’s initial loadout, reward for “Combat Training: Barret” and”Junon Region Intel: Level 1” in Chadley’s Combat Simulator. Also found in Under Junon Inn and the Mythril Mine.

Wind: In Aerith’s initial loadout, reward for “Combat Training: Aerith” and “Corel Region Intel: Level 1” in Chadley’s Combat Simulator

Dual-Spell materia

Rebirth has two different materia orbs that let you cast more than one elemental magic spell. The advantage here is that you get two spells for one orb (and combining that with a variety of support materia works as well).

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Here’s what these kinds of materia do and where you can find them.

Fire and Ice

Fire and Ice materia lets you cast both Fire and Blizzard. You can develop this materia with Chadley in the Grasslands region.

Lightning and Wind

Lightning and Wind materia lets you cast both Thunder and Aero in combat. You can develop this materia with Chadley in the Junon region.


A Final Fantasy staple, Gravity deals damage for a percentage of your opponent’s hit points. At materia Level 1, this materia will hit for 15% of an enemy’s hit points, which scales up to 25% and 40% for the next two levels. You can develop Gravity materia with Chadley in the Corel region.


Comet materia grants the Comet spell. Another Final Fantasy classic, it deals a high amount of damage and it ignores an enemy’s Reflect spell (which causes a spell attack to bounce off an enemy to hit the caster). You can develop Gravity materia with Chadley in the Nibel region.

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth may differ slightly from the original game’s materia list, but it overall preserves the highly customizable and powerful nature of these magic orbs. These spells, especially the elemental ones, are essential to succeeding in battle.

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