No More Meetings: How To Turn Your Google Calendar Into An Arcade Game

No More Meetings: How To Turn Your Google Calendar Into An Arcade Game

I need to tell you about BreakTime, a little Google-based web game that is soaking up an alarming number of my admin hours.

Who among us with a 9-5 desk job hasn’t dreamed of blowing up our Google Calendars with a firm but physically predictable ball? BreakTime is a Google Calendar extension that lets you lay waste to your day’s calendar, permanently if you so desire.

Created by, the extension is free for Google Chrome desktop browsers and can be downloaded here. On the tab that contains your Google Calendar, click on the extensions button in the toolbar and then BreakTime. A game of Breakout will begin and you can use the ball to shatter all your calendar notes. Appointments, meetings, reminders, public holidays — nothing is safe. And if you blow up all your meetings for the day? When you eventually lose the game, the app will ask you if you’d like to delete them for real. This makes BreakTime perfect for an end-of-day wind-down. Clear the calendar by bopping all your responsibilities with a digital ball and prepare for the next day.

Other enjoyable tools and games by include TelEyeGraph, a game that uses your webcam to turn blinking into morse code, and Flappy Dird, a version of Flappy Bird that uses the MacOS Finder window as its canvas.

Please get in the comments and tell me about your favourite browser games. Its been minute since Ruby wrote her list and I could use some new ones.

Thanks to former KotAU editor Alex Walker, the prospector, for the tip.

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