Palworld Xbox Players Warned Not To Load Multiplayer Saves After Latest Patch

Palworld Xbox Players Warned Not To Load Multiplayer Saves After Latest Patch

Palworld’s newest update has caused chaos for Xbox Series X|S players, with developer Pocketpair warning players not to load any multiplayer data until a fix is released.

The latest Palworld patch launched on Steam last week, adding a “powerful evil” called Bellanoir as the game’s first raid boss alongside a number of other updates. The Xbox version of the patch went live yesterday, but shortly after it became clear that there were some pretty big issues impacting players who hopped on after downloading.

In a post to X (formerly Twitter), Pocketpair confirmed an issue where “multiplayer player save data is not being loaded correctly when multiplayer save data from an older version is loaded” for some Palworld players. If that isn’t quite clear enough to understand what’s going on, players in the thread below clarified that the issue seemed to be causing a complete loss of progress when joining Xbox multiplayer – by accidentally loading older save data.

Obviously, given the grinding many Palworld players have put in since the game’s launch earlier this year, the idea of losing any progress, let alone all of it, is frustrating at the very least. 

In a separate tweet, Pocketpair confirmed that it had identified the cause of the issue seen in Xbox version v0.2.0.6 of Palworld and were working on a fix. The developer also warned players to avoid loading multiplayer saves until a fix was released, to avoid being subject to save loss like many poor souls before them. On top of this, it also confirmed that any save data created in a multiplayer game after the current patch was released won’t be able to be loaded once a new fix goes live.

“We have identified the cause and are currently developing a patch to fix this issue. Please do not load the affected save data until the patch is released,” the post reads. “We are really sorry for this inconvenience and ask that you try to not load any multiplayer data until this fix is applied soon.”

At the time of writing, the most recent update was about fifteen hours ago – and given the severity of the issue, we’d expect to see a new patch for Xbox Palworld players pretty soon so they can get back into the multiplayer grind without losing it all.

Has any of your Palworld progress been impacted by the latest Xbox patch? Let us know in the comments.

Image: Pocketpair

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