Palworld’s First Raid Boss Is Now Available In Latest Patch

Palworld’s First Raid Boss Is Now Available In Latest Patch

The latest Palworld patch is a big one, bringing a host of new features to the survival-sim-meets-monster-catcher. Still in early access, Palworld is constantly being updated by developer Pocketpair, but this may be the most exciting update yet. Most notably, it introduces the game’s highly anticipated first Raid Boss, which will offer players a challenge unlike anything they’ve faced in the game so far.

Update v0.2.0.6 is live now on Steam and brings with it Bellanoir, the Raid Boss that was first announced on March 15. The gothic-looking Pal will be summonable by using slabs at the new Summoning Altar, which will trigger a tough fight. Raid Boss Pals like Bellanoir will not be capturable, however, so you can just focus on dealing as much damage as possible to take her down as quickly as possible. As a reward, defeating Bellanoir will drop Pals Eggs which you can then incubate to hatch your own Bellanoir. There will also be an extreme version of the fight that Pocketpair warns is “incredibly powerful and difficult to defeat.”

Image: Pocketpair

You will want to be around level 40 to face Bellanoir, and before you can challenge her you will need to first craft Bellanoir’s Slab, which can be done by collecting Bellanoir’s Slab Fragments from treasure chests in high-level dungeons. You must then craft a Summoning Altar at a base, though be careful when doing this as you don’t want Bellanoir to destroy a base that you have put a lot of time and resources into building.

Of course, that’s not the only thing the latest patch is bringing to Palworld. The update also includes tons of new items such as Training Manuals which let you grant experience to your Pals. The game is also receiving the “Homeward Thundercloud” item, which lets you fast-travel to your nearest base. Palworld’s tutorial has also been reworked to improve the experience and has been renamed “Journey.” On bases, players now have more control over making Pals work, with new features such as allowing or disallowing certain types of work for certain Pals as well as forcing Pals to get back to work in the middle of a break by throwing them toward the facility you want them to work at. That’s only a handful of the many changes in v0.2.0.6; for a list of every update check out the game’s Steam page.

Palworld players won’t have to wait long for more big changes to the game, as a “larger, more content-packed update” is set to arrive this summer, bringing things like a new island to explore with brand new pals.

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