How To Get Stellar Blade’s New, Very Revealing Outfits

How To Get Stellar Blade’s New, Very Revealing Outfits

Oh hey, there’s cute new attire for Eve in Stellar Blade thanks to version 1.003. And yup, adults on the internet are reacting in a totally healthy, productive, and mature way about it.

Well, no. That’s not fucking true at all. As expected, some people are thrilled to see more digital nudity, while others are stamping their feet upset that Shift Up hasn’t given them what they wanted, which is uh, free speech and digital tits. Ya’ll know porn exists, right? (And the people there don’t wear any clothes.)

Anyway, should you want to grab these revealing new outfits, or try on the other new ones which, in my opinion, are far more tasteful, cute, and sexy, read on.

Buy the new outfits from Roxanne in Xion

When you fire up Stellar Blade after updating to version 1.003, you’ll see a notice for two new outfits and a new feature that allows you to remain locked on to an enemy after firing at them with Eve’s drone gun thingamajig.

White Kunoichi and Black Kunoichi (which are some rather cute nano threads, honestly) simply need to be crafted at the Repair Console.

But the more revealing, and controversial, outfits you’ll have to buy with some Vitcoin. The info-dealing marketeer Roxanne has ‘em in her shop inventory. Midsummer Redhood and Midsummer Alice, outfits which leave very little to the imagination, can be purchased from Roxanne for 10 Vitcoin a piece.

Pictured: Midsummer Alice outfit.
Screenshot: Shift Up / Claire Jackson / Kotaku

If you’ve been playing Stellar Blade fairly regularly, you’ll likely have enough to grab these items. If not, simply grab some sidequests from NPCs in Xion and head out to finish ‘em. Not only will you get Vitcoin for completing the sidequests, but you’re also likely to come across Vitcoin from opening chests you come across.

The same is true of the materials you’ll need to craft these threads. The polymer materials can be found in crates scattered throughout the playable areas. Pulsing your drone by pressing the touchpad is an easy way to spot them as you traverse the environment. In general, you should be keeping your eyes peeled for resources and collectibles while playing Stellar Blade anyway.

How to unlock the Neurolink Suit

Image: Shift Up

One of the best additions to Stellar Blade by way of the new update is the Boss Challenge mode. Not only is this a fun way to continue to play and get better at the game, but it’s another opportunity to unlock a new outfit for Eve. The Neurolink Suit, which just might be my new fav from Eve’s closet, will unlock after you kill each boss in Boss Challenge mode on Normal difficulty or higher.

While the Free Stellar Blade movement is having its cute little spat about whether or not they’ve actually accomplished anything with their impassioned digital efforts, it is nice to see Stellar Blade continue to get some updates well after release.

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