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We'd spent hours the fortnight prior discussing, rolling, and pouring over our character sheets. That was how I was introduced to D&D: a night spent creating groups called the Nigerian Scam Fam, discussions about the lack of a dedicated healer, the initial crafting of backstories, and the pondering of abilities.

What I didn't do was spend some time with the DM, finding out the way they like to run campaigns, their particular idiosyncrasies. And Christ how I wished I did -- because what nobody told me was just how much you need to rely on the DM's good graces.


"What name are you going to go with," someone asked my partner, as we were running through the process of picking names for our Dungeons & Dragons characters. She thought about it for a second, and then started Googling the names of those Nigerian princes you find in spam emails.

"Reverend Father August Goodluck," she announced to the table, and a chorus of laughter.

This was my introduction to the world of real-life Dungeons & Dragons.