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Earlier this year NVIDIA announced they would be bringing their in-game photography tech, Ansel, to a whole range of games as the year rolled out. It's incredibly cool, and you can take some remarkably gorgeous shots with it.

Alternatively, you can be a massive dickhead like me and check out everyone's dental work.


40 lines of code. That's how much of an effort was needed before The Witness was compatible with NVIDIA's upcoming tool for in-game photography, Ansel. Only 140 lines of code were needed before you could start taking 360 photos in The Witcher 3.

Ansel hasn't been released to consumers yet, of course, and the compatibility process is undoubtedly more complicated for some games than others. But after spending some time with Ansel at this year's Computex, I can't wait until support for Ansel becomes more widespread.


Gamers have become pretty accustomed to the functionality of tools like GeForce Experience and Raptr for years now. Press a button and you can record gameplay without much of an overhead. Optimise your image settings. Update drivers. Run games at inordinately high resolutions.

The simplicity is cool. The world and art of in-game photography has still been buried behind SweetFX profiles, custom Cheat Engine tables, INI hacks and more for a while. But NVIDIA is trying to change that.