Mass Effect Andromeda Will Support NVIDIA’s Ansel At Launch

Mass Effect Andromeda Will Support NVIDIA’s Ansel At Launch

Time to freshen up those wallpapers.

One of the best bits of tech released over the past year has been the NVIDIA Ansel in-game screenshotting tool, which has opened up a world of gorgeous screenshots and imagery previously only available to those schooled with Cheat Engine, SweetFX and downsampling. And while the Mass Effect series has never officially supported mods, and doesn’t have any Photo Mode in-game (those things didn’t exist back then), the series was always a fan favourite for creating iconic wallpapers and screenshots.

But good news! During a booth tour of NVIDIA, the GPU manufacturer was happy to show off what they called a “flythrough” of the game working in conjunction with Ansel. I asked whether this “flythrough” was a benchmark that would ship with Andromeda on day one and received a non-answer, so take that for what you will. But a NVIDIA representative did confirm that Andromeda would support Ansel from day one, which should make Twitter and social media a lot of fun over that first week.

The demo also showcased an upgrade to the Ansel interface, where users could capture images in raw HDR format. The rest was fairly standard, ranging from basic still photos to the VR-appropriate stereoscopic grabs.

Part of the fun of Andromeda will be sharing your grabs with the rest of the world, and Ansel makes that a hell of a lot easier. Bring on March 23, I say.


  • Im torn if I should get this on Xbox1 or PC, I originally had this on Xbox till my saved games for ME2 corrupted so I bought the PC version of ME3 and used a tool to recreate my saved games then finished it all on PC (with DLC)

    • If your PC is at all powerful i cant see any reason not to get it on there. well the only reason would be if you plan on playing lots of the multiplayer and you have friends on xbox and not PC who want to as well.
      Other than that, every thing about the game will be better on PC, and you can still use a controller if you wish.

  • More interested as to if this will be as “by the numbers RPG factory product” as Inquisition.

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