Here's How You'll Explore Mass Effect: Andromeda's Galaxy

Image: Bioware/EA

With over 100 planets to park on, it's a good thing Andromeda has a good UI - and the Nomad, of course.

Earlier this morning Bioware pushed out a new gameplay trailer - or explainer, really - into how exploration works in Andromeda. Part of it includes the challenges you'll face in trying to unlock the various Vaults you'll encounter, as well as the tasks you have to do before you can establish an outpost on each of these 100 worlds.

The aspect where you have to parlay with the locals before you can set up shop seems like a perfect idea for a Bioware game. I'm also liking the idea that you'll be able to further boost your specialisations this way, which is great if Mass Effect is the kind of game that turns you into a completionist.

Mass Effect: Andromeda launches for PC, PS4 and Xbox One on March 23. It'll also support NVIDIA's in-game photography magic Ansel at launch too, which should be buckets of fun.


    It looks great - but what I've seen of the storyline is not grabbing me at all. Looks like a collection of cobbled together "quests" to unlock X then move forward to unlock Y etc.

    I know I could be very wrong. Here's hoping.

      Gosh I hope you're wrong...

      ... but gosh, I fear you're right.

      I thought about this for WoW but at the end of the day you really you can boil down most RPGs to be go to X, talk to Y, unlock Z rinse and repeat

      sure there might be different stages of X, Y or Z but if you strip down to the basic level you'll see it. I don't know I'm still excited for ME:A and I guess time will tell if it lived up to the hype

        Yeah I'm still excited for it too, I just hope the story is the foundation of the game, not 20 hours of contrived tasks.

        I'm giving it the benefit of the doubt - ME2 is one of my all time faves!

      Mass Effect always seemed better suited from what I assumed was the Star Trek style of storytelling (haven't actually seen it aside from an episode here and there on TV). Each world feels like a new episode, with less of a focus on an overarching storyline. That seems perfect for it. The original trilogy's storyline was the worst part about the series.

        you take that back, HEATHEN!

        ha ha. I found my self really enjoying the trilogy storylines, I'm usually the type of person that gets too swept up in things to be able to pick it apart critically (unless its blatantly bad, which for me the, the trilogy wasn't) the trilogy is easily in my top 5 favourite games/series of all time. I really hope Andromeda can live up to the expectation of being at home in the ME universe.

    I can see it now it will pull out a fallout 4s useless outposts system where you go somewhere do the same repetitive shit on every planet which is empty like most of Dragon Age inquisitions zones were. Can't wait to collect the alien tech shards scattered around hinterworld.....

      "Handful" of planets according to the trailer. That a worry....

        That's good though. If they're trying to give each planet a heap of interesting content and personality, fewer is better. Randomly generated worlds always feel empty and lifeless.

          Yeah that's a very good point. I'm 100% on board for this game, the fact that it's sci-fi is enough to lure me, I guess I am just trying to manage my expectations a little. I don't doubt that I'll get my 80 bucks worth though.

          Last edited 04/03/17 8:17 pm

    could be good but kinda sounds like it could fall into the same problem that DA inquisition had ie big open worlds to explore but filled with boring fetch quests

      Or, the same problem I've always hated from the previous ME games.

      Huge, beautifully realised universe to explore. But each location is just a linear shoot-the-badguys path, and even the hubs are filled with static NPCs that just repeat lines at you while standing in the same place.

      They really need to up the dynamic nature of the game to get my attention now.

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