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Valve’s card game Artifact is coming out in November. Recently, the Artifact Twitter account has been tweeting out designs for some of the cards alongside explanations of how they work. On September 27, that included a card called “Crack The Whip”, the text of which begins “Modify a black hero...” Today the name of the card was changed.


QUOTE | "Every shot is in colossally bad taste and everyone associated with those games should be ashamed of themselves. They hurt us." - Deus Ex and System Shock developer Warren Spector was upset by the White House's video game violence montage produced for a meeting with industry leaders and critics.


Valve recently demoed its upcoming card game Artifact at its Seattle office and the details have begun pouring in. While Valve founder Gabe Newell reportedly called Blizzard's Hearthstone the "benchmark" for online card games, Artifact sounds as though it will be very different.


Remember when Valve announced they were making a digital card game called Artifact? It must have slipped their minds for a while too because they have only just now updated the official website to include a logo for Artifact.