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I've been having a lot of fun playing Valve's new card game, Artifact, since it launched on Wednesday. It is surprisingly easy to learn and is an interesting take that borrows from Hearthstone and Magic: The Gathering while doing something new. The game also treats its digital cards unusually, letting people buy and sell their cards. I was sceptical about that last bit, but I've found it refreshing.


Artifact, Richard Garfield's Dota 2-based CCG, is finally out. But with all the talk of monetisation models and an upfront $27.95 fee, people are still wondering: what do you get for your initial buy-in?


Valve finally has a new game out. Can you believe it? A card game based on Dota 2, Artifact launched today on Steam. After having messed around with it for several hours, I can report that there is indeed a ton of stuff going on in Artifact, but that it’s also one of the more approachable card games I’ve played, at least when first starting out.


Artifact is, for better and worse, shaping up to be a very Valve card game in that it’s a clever, complex re-imagining of DOTA 2—complete with lanes and heroes—but it’s also heavily tied into a real-money marketplace.

In fact, there’s currently no way to earn new cards without spending at least a pinch of your hard-earned cash. Some fans aren’t pleased about that last part. In response, Valve is making some changes.


Valve’s card game Artifact is coming out in November. Recently, the Artifact Twitter account has been tweeting out designs for some of the cards alongside explanations of how they work. On September 27, that included a card called “Crack The Whip”, the text of which begins “Modify a black hero...” Today the name of the card was changed.


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Valve recently demoed its upcoming card game Artifact at its Seattle office and the details have begun pouring in. While Valve founder Gabe Newell reportedly called Blizzard's Hearthstone the "benchmark" for online card games, Artifact sounds as though it will be very different.


Remember when Valve announced they were making a digital card game called Artifact? It must have slipped their minds for a while too because they have only just now updated the official website to include a logo for Artifact.