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Anyone who's watched a climatic battle in a superhero film has wondered, if only for a moment, how cool said fight would be in a slick, co-op video game. I know I have. Avengers: Infinity War has the perfect example: Ironman, Spider-Man, Dr. Strange and company up against Thanos on Titan. Well, thanks to this 10-minute animation, you can at least see what it might look like.


Only the truly worthy can wield the power of a god. That definitely includes award-winning cosplayer Pepper Monster, AKA Sarah Maefs. For our latest episode of Cos/Play, Maefs breaks down how to build the newest iconic weapon from Avengers: Infinity War, Thor's Stormbreaker. We also learn how Maefs made her first cosplay out of T-shirts, and why she got Mjölnir tattooed on her arm. Check it out!


Don't let his superpowers fool you: Thanos' arrival in Fortnite is surprisingly silly. Players are taking advantage of Thanos in the best ways, or using Thanos to spread cheer. Given that Thanos is supposed to be a homicidal villain, seeing him in Fortnite's ridiculous world has been amazing.

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Marvel Studios has revolutionised the way we watch movies in a particularly weird way - a decade ago, most people left the cinema the moment the credits began rolling. Now, swathes of moviegoers diligently sit through all the credits, hoping to see a little something extra. Marvel's latest film Avengers: Infinity War does this, but it's so much more than an extra.