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Earlier this week, my Giant Shipment of Board Games finally arrived. It didn't include Wingspan -- that won't arrive until maybe September (sob) -- but there were plenty of other things that are prime entertainment for a weekend.

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There are currently over 100,000 board games listed on Board Game Geek, the tabletop world's equivalent of IMDB. That's a lot to choose from. Wandering into your local department store is going to give your some truly disappointing choices and browsing your friendly local game store can be overwhelming. Here are some great board games that anyone from veteran to rookie can enjoy.


Every year, a bunch of judges from the Mensa organisation spend two days straight binging a bunch of board games. The best of the best get a "Mensa Select" seal, which basically just identifies them as being very good indeed. And unsurprisingly, the latest Mensa Select games are absolute crackers.