What Are You Playing This Weekend?

What Are You Playing This Weekend?
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Earlier this week, my Giant Shipment of Board Games finally arrived. It didn’t include Wingspan — that won’t arrive until maybe September (sob) — but there were plenty of other things that are prime entertainment for a weekend.

The whole weekend won’t be board gaming, although some cheese will be involved. It’s been a while since Tegan and I have toured the Hunter Valley, so we’ll be visiting that on the weekend. The first time we went there, we stopped by a winery whose name and brand I’d forgotten until this week, so I’m looking forward to bringing a case of their fruity goodness back home.

From the board games, Sagrada is the one that will probably get broken out first. I’m still getting completely railed at Azul — I think the score is legitimately 1 or 2 wins to me, 30 for Tegan at this point — but that’s still fun to break out while something’s playing in the background.

What are you playing this weekend?


  • From 5pm I am on 3 weeks annual leave whoo! Going to spend alot of it just playing games and lazing around the house.

    This weekend though, bit of a mix. Would like to get the Co-Op trophy for Far Cry 5, that’s the only one i’m missing. Play some more Just Cause 4, Tales of Vesperia and Earth Defense Force 5.

  • Have been playing Harry Potter Hogwarts Battle with a battle or two each week. We just got creamed last round due to some very unfortunate villain combinations.

    Going to have a go at SteamWorld Dig tonight and see how far I go before it gets forgotten for some time due to Mario Maker 2 kicking off on Saturday morning. I think it’s available now but the kids are desperate to see it so I won’t start without them.

  • I got a handful of things I really need to finish but I got two prime Warframes set to complete tomorrow morning, so it’s prob gonna be all I play this weekend.

  • After a long time avoiding battel royales i have finally bitten and have started playing Apex Legends.


  • Only got tonight to play but I your article on the $2 steam games. So it’ll prpbably be one of them when I get home and log on.

  • Bloodstained: Ritual, Baldur’s Gate EE: Black Pits / Siege of Dragonspear, DoAX3: Scarlet / Venus Vacation, Azur Lane and Final Fantasy XIV…

    All at the same time! (Okay, AL, Scarlet and one of the others at a time :D)

    Maybe thrown in some DoA5 / 6.

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