What Are You Playing This Weekend?

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Earlier this week, my Giant Shipment of Board Games finally arrived. It didn't include Wingspan — that won't arrive until maybe September (sob) — but there were plenty of other things that are prime entertainment for a weekend.

The whole weekend won't be board gaming, although some cheese will be involved. It's been a while since Tegan and I have toured the Hunter Valley, so we'll be visiting that on the weekend. The first time we went there, we stopped by a winery whose name and brand I'd forgotten until this week, so I'm looking forward to bringing a case of their fruity goodness back home.

From the board games, Sagrada is the one that will probably get broken out first. I'm still getting completely railed at Azul — I think the score is legitimately 1 or 2 wins to me, 30 for Tegan at this point — but that's still fun to break out while something's playing in the background.

What are you playing this weekend?


    Monster Hunter World, Mario Maker 2, and probably a few games of Subbuteo.

    Head up to Brisbane, Alex. I've got a copy of Wingspan itching to get played.

    From 5pm I am on 3 weeks annual leave whoo! Going to spend alot of it just playing games and lazing around the house.

    This weekend though, bit of a mix. Would like to get the Co-Op trophy for Far Cry 5, that's the only one i'm missing. Play some more Just Cause 4, Tales of Vesperia and Earth Defense Force 5.

    Have been playing Harry Potter Hogwarts Battle with a battle or two each week. We just got creamed last round due to some very unfortunate villain combinations.

    Going to have a go at SteamWorld Dig tonight and see how far I go before it gets forgotten for some time due to Mario Maker 2 kicking off on Saturday morning. I think it's available now but the kids are desperate to see it so I won't start without them.

    I got a handful of things I really need to finish but I got two prime Warframes set to complete tomorrow morning, so it's prob gonna be all I play this weekend.

    After a long time avoiding battel royales i have finally bitten and have started playing Apex Legends.


    Only got tonight to play but I your article on the $2 steam games. So it'll prpbably be one of them when I get home and log on.

    Bloodstained: Ritual, Baldur's Gate EE: Black Pits / Siege of Dragonspear, DoAX3: Scarlet / Venus Vacation, Azur Lane and Final Fantasy XIV...

    All at the same time! (Okay, AL, Scarlet and one of the others at a time :D)

    Maybe thrown in some DoA5 / 6.

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