What Are You Playing This Weekend?

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I'll be seeing some friends and helping celebrate someone's birthday this weekend, but in between that there's enough time for a round or two of PUBBYG.

I'm talking Battlegrounds, obviously, which has basically replaced CS:GO and competitive Overwatch for me. At least until the Destiny 2 beta rolls around, anyway. The intensity is pretty engaging, and while I haven't racked up hundreds of hours yet, I'm likely to over the next few months.

Beyond that, I might play a little bit of Nex Machina and maybe a board game here or there. What are you playing this weekend?


    Still blasting through Dark Souls 2.

    Near the end of the main game now and it’s been something of a roller coaster. I played the original to death, but only played through 2 a single time back when I first got it on 360 & I can remember why. I can’t say for a minute I haven’t had fun playing through, but so much of what made the first two games so good is either missing or has been overdone in this one - it feels too heavy handed and seriously lacking in restraint on the part of the developers. Looking back at the first game, obviously it’s tough, but there’s only a few places (blighttown & TotG) that make me shudder and never want to go back - in DS2, pretty much every location feels like that? What summed it up for me was yesterday when I blitzed through yet another boss and realised that - Smelter Demon aside (utter, utter git of a creature who I strongly suspect sucks turds on his day off) - I’d only died <5 times between the rest of the bosses in total (and yes, most of those were to the pursuer)? Compare this to the actual main part of the game where I must have racked up 60 deaths in No Mans Wharf alone? Am actually at a point now thankfully where I can navigate most of the new areas pretty safely (As safe as you can ever be in DS of course - and about to get to the Shrine of Amana so no doubt multiple deaths will follow) and it’s much more enjoyable - just that it feels in spite of itself if that makes sense?

    Got the dlc to come next; poked my head into the first dlc location earlier today and went from being able to kill big dudes in my current area (Drangleic Castle) in 2-3 hits to only being able to dispatch the entry level grunts in 4-6 hits so there’s obviously a big gulf there and some extra levels/bigger monster whackers are required!

    I then have the decision whether to NG+ this or move straight onto 3 for the first time. Friend reckons I’ll prefer 3 as it’s closer to 1, yet I’ve read quite a few people’s opinions recently suggesting 2>3 so I’m not sure what to believe - guess i’ll just have to find out the old fashioned way!

    Sorry for the long post, obviously some pent up DS feelings! Enjoy your weekend and whatever you may be playing (especially FFXII if you got it!)

      I remember popping my head into the first DLC area after I beat the final boss (this was pre-SotFS), and made it halfway to the second(?) bonfire before calling it quits - that shit is hard. Good luck with the Shrine of Amana - the enemies can be right dicks (and I dread to think what SotFS changed in there!) but the boss is pretty easy, iirc.

        Just literally got to the bonfire after the worst part of the shrine (casters everywhere you look - and the mutt who heals them all) so it's all looking up form here! Luckily I'd remembered to stock up on ranged attacks so whilst it certainly wasn't fun, it wasn't as hair tearing as back on my very first playthrough. There's a big dude in armour back there that I don't remember, but made a point to go back and get him when there aren't balls of magic chasing me in fifty directions!

        Now onto the boss monster - let's hope it's as easy as you suggest! :)

          Well, pre-Scholar DS2 is the only FromSoft game I've ever finished (so I'm a pretty low bar to beat), and I don't remember ever dying to the frog - so you'll be fine. :)

    Broforce on the steam link, really fun on the big tv.

    Few rounds of Overwatch then probably Neir Automata with some tv playing on the other screen.

    I'm about to jump into FF XII. It's been years since I last played (when it came out) so it will be interesting to see if I remember how to set up my gambits. It's somewhat disappointing that they didn't fix the sound quality but I guess you can only do so much without re-recording. There will also probably be some Ray Gigant here and there as well.

    Splatfest. I must defend the good name of icecream with my life, lest it be besmirched by the heathens whom worship the false idol of... cake.

      Why can't everybody just enjoy icecream cake

      My comrade!!

      Let us grind our foes to dust.

      ... though I fear I'm going to be more than a little rusty.

    Yes, PUBG has consumed my time also. Winner winner chicken dinner!

    I finally got a switch so while my wife has her mother's group (for which ill drive her) ill sit in the car and play Zelda.

    Easing my way into Hatsune Miku Future Tone (so good!) on PS4.

    Still going through Borderlands The Pre Sequel (loving the understated - for Borderlands - Australian-ness of the characters).

    Horizon Zero Dawn on ultra-hard NG+

    Yokai Watch on 3DS (gotta catchem' all - seriously, this game kicks SO much arse on Pokemon it's not funny).

    The World Premiere™ Splatoon 2 Splatfest.

    ... and continuing my Master Mode BotW playthrough.

    We're going to try to play THAT'S YOU! over an internet connection. Played last week with 4 people (and wine) in the room and it was surprisingly fun. Laughed so much. So going to try it with some friends from another state (with wine).

    Other than that, Divinity: Original Sin. Playing co-op with a friend in South Africa. We've racked about 60 hours so far and its very quickly become one of my all time favourites.

    I'm getting the urge to start a new game from my backlog, but I need to resist and finish The Witcher 3 once and for all.

    I'll also continue working on unlocking all weapons for each class on Battlefield 1.

    Gonna jump into some FIFA on the couch with a mate tonight. Just picked up Hitman (2016) on a massive discount so i'll be smashing out some low-key genocide in Paris. Might also try to knock some more off of Horizon Zero Dawn.

    And like an alcoholic to the bottle I'll probably end up on BF1 or MWR at some point too.

    More Diablo 3, while trying to distract myself from the "Destiny 2 Beta" icon that won't work until Friday...

    Not much; probably some Destiny. Mayyyybe in a pinch some Marvel Heroes Omega. But am committed to finishing off an old comic book series, so at least a volume of that is earmarked per day over the next week, maybe more on the weekend!

    World of Warcraft and MLB the Show 17 sprinkled with some Trials Fusion in there. I have an RDO monday too!

    Zelda. Still Zelda. Always Zelda.

    Also some Wolfenstein: Old Blood/New Blood whatever they are called. Enjoying them.

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