What Are You Playing This Weekend?

The weekend is usually a time for rest and relaxation. Or in my case, video game related work.

That's why I've chosen a picture of Total War: Warhammer. It's one of the regular staples whenever I want to benchmark a machine, and I'll be using it to put two HP machines through their paces: a 15" laptop and a significantly larger desktop machine. We'll have more impressions on those in about a week or so, and as a cheeky addition I might do a quiet stream on the Saturday.

As for what games I'll actually play, I'm looking forward to spending a bit more time with Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle. The Rabbids are weirdly endearing themselves to me, which isn't a comment I'd ever thought I'd utter. Hopefully the same thing doesn't happen with Minions.

Other than that, it's probably a Destiny 2, Battlegrounds and finishing up the rest of Pyre.

What are you playing this weekend?


    The Last Guardian and Mario + Rabbids. And maybe try, again, to beat the last level of the Breath of the Wild's Trial of the Sword. Stupid [redacted].

      What do you think of mario vs rabbits? Thinking of getting it for my 7 year old, is it a frustrating game?

        I've got it and really enjoy it - although some of the battles can be a bit tricky so I can imagine a 7 year old may struggle initially...?

        At the start of each battle you can toggle on an 'easy mode' which I believe confers more health to your characters which may negate that?

        Other than that with all the colours, aesthetic and characters I can imagine kids loving the heck out of the game (you too if you like tactics stuff)? You just may need to lend a hand with the odd fight/strategy (such as boss fights etc.)

    Just started Horizon Zero Dawn this week, so hopefully I'll get to play some more of that.

    Bought Everybody's Golf yesterday but having electrical issues at home causing our router to continually restart so haven't been able to stay connected long enough to finish downloading it :(

    The new FFXV DLC, maybe a final jaunt in Destiny and of course a bit of Stardew Valley to finish off after work.

    Uncharted Lost Legacy has diverted my attention - hopefully finish that off, then back to finishing off Horizon Zero Dawn

    Playing some Civilization Revolution 2 on PS Vita...it's still as addictive as any Civ game I've played. A little more simplistic and not as difficult to win on Deity, but heaps of fun.

    Also on PS Vita, Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions. The story is pretty great so far, but the game play mechanics and the UI are dated, to say the least. There are some unexpected difficulty spikes early on as well, which have been annoying.

    PS4, still mucking around with Wolfenstein The New Order, working through Project Diva Future Tone, and have started Ultra difficulty on Horizon Zero Dawn.

    I ignored my reservations from the Kotaku review and picked up War of the Chosen for XCOM 2 - really glad I did as loving it so far, anyone who didn't click with 2 originally may find that the add-on fixes a lot of what they didn't like (you can tailor some of the optins to fix bits you didn't get on with). Lastly, anyone using a superwide monitor should grab the mods from the steam workshop else your UI will be all over the place at certain points!

    Otherwise I'll be bashing through Mario Rabbids too, with a sprinkling of PES (the demo of which for the new game didn't seem like much of a change).

    I'm working towards the end of the story on Xenoblade Chronicles on 3DS. Things were going smoothly until there was a big difficulty spike and now I need to slowly grind up a couple of levels to have a chance. Other than that, will try and get onto Splatoon 2 for the Splatfest!

    Life is strange before the storm episode 1 will be up first, then I might go all completionist on persona 5. I finished it last night with 96 hours played and not a single grinding session was had. Now need to new game plus it a bit.

    I'm currently in the final throes of trying to platinum Disgaea 5 so that will consume me for most of the weekend. I'm keen to try out Sonic Mania though so that may end up being the thing I do.

    Just got a COD WWII code so probably that.

    Also Overwatch might have TDM on Xbone now so that

    Amd Father's Day is coming up and there may be surprises in store there...

    I wanted to play lawbreakers but wow getting a game can be hard. Last night I initially waited 30 minutes for a game before giving up and doing something else. Tried again a while later and was luck to get to games in before players dropped off.

    Hoping this weekend will have more players

    One of the best friends & I who I've grown up with over the past decade or so is coming over and we're having a games night tonight!

    On the agenda is the Destiny 2 PC Beta, COD Beta, PUBG and he's bring me Horizon Zero Dawn so I don't need to splash the cash!

    Head out into the city tomorrow night for a pub crawl and recover Sunday by hopefully finishing the Defenders TV series off.. Kind of let down, but not fully let down yet I still have some hope with the remaining episodes! (3 episodes deep)

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    Mario vs Rabbids and Xcom WotC. Might also give the CoD WW2 beta a whirl.

    We just had a baby so from my calculations nothing ever again.

      I had all mine in the early 2000s so they are all teens now. Trust me you will play with them eventually. Some of my best gaming memories are playing skylanders! Congrats on the kiddo!

      Offer to do the night shift! I got really good at trials while balancing a new born at 2 in the morning!

    Put about 100 hours into ARK when the alpha first came out and then left it. Think I'll jump back in and see what it's like now.

    Everybody's Golf and the new Uncharted I think. I have the flu so there is a chance I will just sleep through the entire weekend. :(

    A month ago I was telling a mate that at my age, with a family and various commitments I just can't justify dropping money on a gaming rig anymore. Then I saw the vids for TW:W2, looked at my TW:W1 and wondered why my game doesn't look while my PC sounds like it's getting ready for takeoff.

    My original comment stands, I still can't justify that much money for personal entertainment that only benefits me. But I'm suddenly sad about that....

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