What Are You Playing This Weekend?

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Having gotten close so many times - hell, in solo I've got about a 33% ratio on making the top 10 - but never having won, I'll be spending some time this weekend chasing those chicken dinners.

Battlegrounds has become flavour of the month across the Kotaku, Gizmodo and Lifehacker team, to the point where we're playing it every night or every second night. I don't think any of us have ever won - although Tegan and I got to the final two by just controlling the school once - and until I do, I don't think anyone is going to stop playing.

Besides that, however, most of this weekend will be occupied by real-world video games. We'll be taking part in Zedtown this weekend, a battle between zombies and humans in real life using Nerf guns. If you're in the morning session, and you're not a zombie, say hi! If you are a zombie, say hi anyway! So I can shoot you.

What are you playing this weekend?


    I'm hyped for splatoon 2, so I'll likely blow several hours in the original game this weekend.

    And since I'm seeing spider-man tonight, i may also end up cracking out spider-man 2 on the PS2. It's still the best spiser-man game, and it has truly amazing web mechanics.

    Yes yes.

    Really enjoying Nioh. Think I'll plug away at dying a lot in that game....

    Continuing my run of short, fun games - I'll be booting up Resident Evil 0 on my PS4 to hopefully clear this weekend! Just finished RE1 last night and had a blast - admit I had to pull out a walkthrough a couple of times...

    Having only completed it once before (on 360) and being fortunate to pick up the DLC'd version along with the sequel/dlc (which I've never played) in the big lovely xbox sale, I will be rubbing my sensitive areas against Dark Souls 2 for the foreseeable.

    Technically as it's my not first playthrough, my own 'souls-borne' rules suggest I should be able to use walkthroughs etc, but it's weird how little I can remember about 2 compared to how the original DS is engraved into my memory. I did sneakily check a page as some things seem to have changed and interestingly it seems they did change some enemy layouts/positions/item locations as well as enhancing/nerfing certain skills (didn't read what, just that it's been done) so be interesting to see how much of a difference that makes to the game/my opinion of it (not a patch on the original for me).

    Shame the degradation still exists as it did, I know some like it but they feel like brittle plastic weapons when they break every ten minutes.

    Finished Nier this week - really enjoyed it despite some odd/irritating design decisions here and there, overall though a great experience!

      Playing Scholar of the First Sin on current gen? Yeah, they've changed things up a bit - enough to make you question your memories.

      Enjoy! Love me some Dark Souls 2. Agree it's predecessor was a much better game - but I've still had some great times with it.

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        Yeah it was in Heides tower I had my first 'wtf?'/noticed a significant change. Without wanting to spoil for anyone else, I found a large fire breathing 'something' somewhere I was not even remotely expecting. Whilst the knights in the area ran to grab some bbq sauce to apply to my rapidly charring hide I was doing mental gymnastics thinking back and sure enough I was right, this 'weber sponsored asshat' was definitely not here back in the day...

        It's not as tight as the first game but still having a blast though, can't beat that panicked feeling that sets in when you're suddenly surrounded and you realise you're trying to beat someone with a pair of binoculars or a mage's staff! Good times!

      I was tempted to grab the Dark Souls games in the sale too, since I've never played them. But I resisted the urge as I have sooooooo many games that I haven't even touched yet.

        Well without being one of those smug types that seem to follow the series around, I can't recommend the first game enough - issue is where to play it, not sure if playing the first game on the One/backwards compat fixes the framerate issues that plagued a few sections of it? Otherwise if you do get time and have a PC I'd go down that route - although seeing as you're 'Witching' right now based on your below comment it seems you'll have your hands full for a while :)

        Actually enjoying 2 a lot more than I remember right now, but that might be because I'm not trying to squeeze it into 60 minute sessions late at night where you sometimes feel you've played for as long as you can but gotten absolutely nowhere...?

    More The Witcher 3 Heart of Stone DLC.

    I'm also enjoying a bit of Terraria and have started to work on the weapon challenges in Battlefield 1 to unlock every weapon for each class.

    Got a lan party at my squad mates house this saturday at 5:30 AWST theres about 10 or so coming and we are going to play Quake 3 Team Arena, Jedi Knight Jedi Academy, Soldat, Call Of Duty 2. And streamed live at procks_ on twitch :).

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    Packing up my PC and driving 2 hours to a friends place for a LAN party. Not sure what we're playing yet but it's likely to be Sins of a Solar Empire or AoE II HD

      Wherever there is LAN, there is always AoE.

      Or StarCraft.

      Or Warcraft.

      I wish I could LAN...

      This just in, LAN cancelled as the host is sick :'(
      Guess I'll be working on my game then. If anyone is going to AvCon this one look for DeRailed!

    Borderlands The Pre-Sequel on PS4 (great low-G fun!)
    Dragon Age Origins on PS3
    Horizon Zero Dawn (Ultra hard difficult NG+ FTW!)
    Miku Future Tone (bought it on sale along with season pass)
    Yokai Watch on 3DS (gotta catchem all!)

    Actually, that might be a bit much...

      Geezus I loved DA: Origins. Makes me sad whenever someone mentions it because I want to play a game in that series again that isn't Inquisition/modern day Bioware. Enjoy dude, that is seriously one hell of an impressive to-do list :)

    Tales of Berseria for me! It's got some interesting characters at the very least. Sooo fricken bummed about one thing though - no screenshots allowed throughout the entire game. None. Honestly, it's fucked. I've avoided Persona 5 for the same reason. If I had've known this was the case, I wouldn't have got the game.

    After years of umm-ing and ahh-ing about it I've finally downloaded the FFXIV free trial onto my PS4. Got my thaumaturge to level 16 and I'm having fun so far, but I don't know that I'm having enough to commit to paying for the full game. I'm a solo gamer, so I'll wait and see how the dungeons work before making a call.

    umm what?

    Paragraph 1 - but never having made the final two

    Paragraph 2 - although Tegan and I got to the final two

      Meant to say won. (Just before I finished this story I immediately started working on the GREE Melbourne closure, and there's the Elon Musk / SA announcement too, so our office ramped up in speed by about 10000000000000000% in a heartbeat)

    Diablo - farming gear and DB in T10 rifts to try to get the last few pieces I need for my necromancer... might pinch a Travellers Pledge from my Wizard and bump up to T11 or 12 to speed things along. Maybe some Iron Banner - PvP generally annoys me too much for me to bother with it, but Mayhem Clash is a lot harder to get angry at.

    Picked up a steam link from EB so probably playing around with that more than anything.
    Was super impressed with EB, order around 3pm and it was on my desk when I turned up to work the next day. I think it was the fastest online over I have ever had excluding food delivery

    I have a few distractions this weekend, but will be attempting to get in a little bit of time with Persona 5 and ARMS. I'm getting really hype for the new Splatoon game though, I really loved the first one!

    Finished Get Even the other night which was GREAT, so next am getting stuck into Marvel Heroes Omega on Xbox One (picked up via the US store), and finishing off Handmaid's Tale - and the Castlevania Nextflix movie!

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