What Are You Playing This Weekend

Why the hell is March the new November when it comes to video game releases? I mean dear God, have mercy on me. Dark Souls II, Titanfall this week. Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes and Infamous: Second Son on the way. I haven't even started Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze yet. Have mercy on me.

Oh, and I totally forgot about South Park: The Stick of Truth, which I really, really want to play but can't at this precise moment.

Yep, March is stacked.

But I expect my attention will mostly be focused on Dark Souls II this weekend. I'm having a blast with it so far. And it's tough. Probably tougher than the original in a lot of ways. The ever reducing health thing is killing me. I beat a boss without being hit last night because it was LITERALLY THE ONLY WAY I COULD BEAT HIM WITH MY SHITTY HEALTH SITUATION.

I guess I'm still having 'fun'.

What are you playing this weekend?


    Probably Dark Souls 1. I'm trying to beat it before the PC release of Dark Souls 2.

    I've only put about 4 hours into the game and I haven't really stayed Hollow due to having like, 10 Human Effigies at all times.

    Anyways, I have some painting and gaming to do for a Warmachine League. If I paint 15 points worth of models before Monday I get bonus points.

    Dark Souls 2 after that.

      Real men only ever paint a Behemoth... IN ENEMY BLOOD.

        If you can somehow keep all the pieces attached.

          Mine is in pretty good order, I took a model pose I found online one volting over a wall and decided it would be much more bad ass if it were jumping off a cyclone (Big B is painted, the cyclone doesn't deserve it).

    Mark, you've convinced me to finally play Dark Souls. It's been a long time since I finished Demon's Souls, but it's a great feeling to return to a game that refuses to hold my hand or compromise when things get tough.

    I know I'm really late to the party, but Dark Souls 1 arrived this week, so I'll be tormenting myself with that.

    Nothing! I am bored of my consoles and don't have aircon in my office with the PC... So most likely be outside mowing the lawn or fixing up a garden bed.... showing my 29yrs now aint I...

    Well I expect to be playing Titanfall after going and doing some shopping tomorrow when my pay has gone in. I was also gifted Enemy Within on steam so I feel strongly obliged to play that - I will try and squeeze it in when my wife is using the TV (hopefully for Titanfall).

    Mostly Titanfall, I hope. Wonder if those local servers went up yet?

      Enemy Within is great. I feel like they should of combined EU and EW though and released them as one.

    9 months later, I'm still playing Animal Crossing.

      This guy.

    Dragon Age 2 (yeah I know, but I never finished it the first time and I'm actually really enjoying it).

    Might try to squeeze in some Tomb Raider as well.

    Got a golf comp tomorrow, and with AFL kicking off this weekend as well I'm not sure I'll be doing much gaming. But if I do it'll be Dark Souls 1.

    I'm gonna do it. 3 lords down, in the Tomb of the Giants. I *will* finish Dark Souls this weekend... probably. If I don't get stuck on the DLC. Which I probably will.

    So much Titanfall...oh the Titanfall I will be playing will be excessive, I'm talking 10 year old drinking Cola/orange juice mixed while playing Bubble Bobble on my Commodore 64 excessive!

      Cola/OJ?! Must try.

        Pure sugar...tastes like bad punch but does the job

        My energy drink before redbull

    I'm moving from Queensland to South Australia this weekend so there won't be any gaming for me. :(

    Surprisingly, running around like a headless chook in Dark Souls II (Figuratively and probably literally at times). I'm also trying my hand at a Hall of Fame speedrun in Bravely Default as well.

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    Probably some Dark Souls 1... restarted as a knight after watching Zisteau's playthrough that inspired me to try a different playstyle, and focus on gear upgrades (which I'm starting to think I may have neglected far too much in my previous playthroughs). Quick summary:
    Knight with starting sword +4 beat the gargoyles first try, moonlight butterfly was a pain as melee-only, capra demon went down third try, now running around smashing things with a zweihander+1, working my way through the Depths.
    It felt really eerie playing on Wednesday night - went human though the Parish and saw no-one, not even a ghost of another player, no invasions, no summon signs... it was great. Saw a couple of people last night, tho, so I guess some people really are content to wait for the PC release of the sequel.

    Also some Rocksmith 2014, probably to unwind after the above.
    Starting to enjoy session mode, but the current goal of "Play for 20 minutes with these backing bands" is a little annoying, mainly because I don't like the backing selection. Chord transitions are getting smoother in most songs (tho D always tends to screw me up because of the awkward second finger placement), and tremollos are getting better, but arpeggios are the bane of my life. I really want to play Knockin on Heaven's Door and Everybody Hurts, but damn those arpeggios.

    Eve online, got some roids with my name on them just waiting to be nom'd.....

    PS4 - finished Knack hard playthrough last night , now for the grind to platinum.

    PS3 - Dragon's Dogma, starting to get into it. Pretty fun experience.

    Vita - Miku triple dipping ahoy!

    will be playing CS:GO Competetive matches while drinking wine and if the Aussie servers are up heaps of Titanfall, won't touch it until the servers go live.. as a hardcore FPS fan, I need me some good pings.

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