What Are You Playing This Weekend?

Yes I am still playing The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Anyone got a good reason why I should stop?

What are you all playing this weekend?

I'm not just playing Breath of the Wild. I'm also about halfway through A Night In The Woods (and not really enjoying it). At one point I plan to play RiME.

But probably not this weekend. See, Saturday is my ten year anniversary of being MARRIED. Video games are not gonna be much of a part of the celebrations I don't think!

What are you guys and girls planning this weekend?


    Grats on the anniversary Mark!
    Ours is next November? Maybe?? (better check that...)
    Zelda - only 120 Koroks to find!
    Probably buy Wolf:TNO and a few others on the Steam Sale to tide me over.

    Tax Manager 2017.

    It's almost that time and I like to try and have all my paper work and receipts put together (and organised) so I'm in and out of the accountant quickly and I have an idea how much I owe before July is out.

      Good man. Everyone should at least have a go at their return themselves, THEY are responsible for whats in the return, not the agent. He's just after a couple of hundred dollars.

      Even if you still want or need to see one, at least you can ask questions about things you missed or got wrong.

        To be fair, I have a good accountant and if people wish to pay to have an accountant pour over longer than needed over a box of receipts, that's their choice.

        For me, I try to have everything laid out so if something is amiss, my accountant can see early on and do the research to make sure I don't get in trouble down the line.

          Fair enough. Even when people have used the same accountant for decades though, I still suggest understanding what they're doing as much as possible. 25 plus years in tax, I've seen enough to know that good agents still get things wrong.

          I badgered my brother in law to have a go himself for over a decade, and when he finally did, realised the agent had been missing something basic for at least 10 years, which in the end had cost him thousands in refunds.

          Plus when he did it himself he was only a few dollars less than what they got back, meaning he was paying $150 to get an extra $30. Or $120 worse off.

          Most salary and wage people are the same, theres really no point going to an agent if you understand even the basics. Which you should understand after seeing an accountant once.

          Nothing wrong with seeing an accountant though, I'm more about understanding the process. They do their voodoo magic, but if us witch-hunters decide to investigate, its you that burns at the stake.

            Sorry, I forget to mention on thing in my prior post.

            It also work for me because I'm self-employed. Being a sole-trader means I can claim such services as a deduction in my next tax return.

            Don't know if that same rule applies to salary and wage people though.

              Yeah, kinda figured you were in that sort of position when you commented that you wanted an idea on how much you owe. In your situation, an accountant is going to pretty much be a must.

              Its just nice to see someone at least take some control is all, rather than just dump it on the agent and forget about it. Which is completely understandable as well, taxes are one of those things people just don't want to care about.

              Anyone can claim the cost of doing their taxes by the way.

    Fallout 4. Avoided it for so long but its really sucking me in.

    I think I’m almost ready to finish BOTW.

    I’ve done 88 Shrines which is nearly enough for me- I’ve just got two more memories to capture (one of which is on Hyrule Castle I think) and then I’m heading for the end.
    That said- I think I could easily spend another 20-30 hours wandering around finding those last few Shrines.

    It’s a brilliant game. It’s going to be really interesting to see how it fits in when people start talking about games of this generation….. if generations still exist…. which they might not.

    Finishing off Watch Dogs on PS4.

    Still going with Yo-kai Watch on 3DS.

    Apart from that, not much really. Might try and get my kids into Pathfinder, although they are a bit young.

    Ever Oasis, and the Hey Pikmin! demo. Otherwise House Packing Simulator 2017,

      Will be interested in seeing what you think of Ever Oasis. Looks intriguing but I'm not 100% sold on it yet.

    Ditto, Mark. Searching for shrine 112! (Hero's Path can't come soon enough.) Need to do some dragon farming too. And finish off the last few memories. And have a crack at the Gerudo divine beast. And then clear my adventure log. And then...maybe...head to the castle.

      Your playstyle sounds pretty similar to mine! After 100+ hours I finally visited the castle last weekend, had a bit of a poke around, picked up a few cool items and photos, then walked away again. Beat the Gerudo beast on Tuesday night, found my 112th shrine last night. 8 to go, and I'm determined not to look up any of them.

      Soooo good, but I think this weekend might be time to finish it and move on to other games for a while.

    BOTW.........I'm hoping to build up the courage to take on a Lynell this weekend. :)

    I've gone back to the original Dark Souls. I started it when it first came out and couldn't really get into it, but since then I've played Demon's Souls and I really enjoyed that. But going back to Dark Souls... I dunno, it just doesn't quite grab me the way Demon's Souls did. I'm even not really sure why, they're very similar games.

      Took me three attempts to get into Dark Souls. Once to stuff around for a while dying. Years later to get as far as the Gargoyles then getting pissed off at it. Months later to have my brother coach me through the fight, give me some tips, and then I didn't stop playing it until I'd platinumed it 2 months later.

      Still haven't actually played Demon's Souls. I probably should!

    Gonna see how high i can go in ARMS grand prix. I beat level 4 fairly easily, so ranked is unlocked, but i want money for more arms.

    Ending credit music is spectacular btw.

    I've rediscovered TF2 after not playing for a year or so, and have been having fun in Casual Mode (which is new to me) rather than the one or two community servers I used to play on so will likely play that all weekend. Maybe I'll pick something up in the Steam Sale, but it's not looking good, right now.

    Congrats Mark! Just had my 9 year anniversary weekend away.

    Still the Witcher 3 for me, with some BF1 (the new Nivelle Nights map is hectic.)

    Game #5 of 120 on the pile is Assassins Creed 3. Turns out that game is better than I was lead to believe! The Native American stuff is actually pretty cool. So is getting attacked by bears.

      I liked AC3 a fair bit (didn't touch the multiplayer though). Connor might be stone-faced as protagonists go, but the game world was beautiful, the mechanics were pretty good and the missions were not bad either.

        He's no Ezio for sure, it's definitely the world and setting in enjoying. Enough to have me wanting to keep playing haha

      It is a good AC game but it is also just another AC game.
      Connor was boring as a character and they also dropped the real world, Desmond arc fairly hard after talking it all up in revelations spiel.

        The modern day stuff was what drew me into the series, so that's a bit of a shame to hear, but it'll be good to know definitively either way!

    Isn't it weird - when you guys talk about BOTW I'm happy for you all that you enjoy it that much, but nothing even slightly makes me want to fire it up again, I'd rather play Ocarina, Majora or Windwaker again - yet - one dude write's about Dark/Demons Souls and I am immediately considering giving those another playthrough? Weird the way brains work :)

    Seems today i'm being that guy too - going to be playing through the rest of Uncharted 4 (at chapter 8), and I don't know, having played through the rest of the series (1-3) this week for the first time & they just largely irritate me - story is good, enjoy the cinematics and the puzzles, but the combat kills any enjoyment stone dead. It was much better in 2 and took an enormous step back again in 3. I loved TLOU but remember the comabt being weak in that too - so maybe that's just it, me and Naughty Dogs combat just don't gel? 4 is better so far, but it'd be nice just for once if you weren't able to predict with 100% accuracy when the next ambush was due?

    Otherwise Rimworld will probably get a play - awesome game, may be on Steam sale if anyone gets curious!

      I had much the same experience with the Uncharted games. Don't get me wrong, they are all enjoyable, but the combat is draining and often goes on far too long. Really hampers my enjoyment. Uncharted 4 looks phenomenal though eh?

        Can't deny it looks the business - got it running with HDR turned on & it's second only to Horizon for me in terms of sheer 'pretty' on PS4.

        It's definitely the combat that sours the series though - feel my eyes rolling whenever i leave a room & the music starts up. Thankfully the encounters in 4 are much shorter after the low point for me which was 3. Can't say 3 wasn't a better game than 1, but the never-ending and occasionally unfair waves of enemies made me hate it more.

        Compare that to Horizon where I actually feel the excitement ramp up when I spot something & i know i get to fight it soon & it's not hard to see where the issue is.

        I could not agree more about the combat in Uncharted. 3 was probably the low point for it, but they all definitely have far too much of it and it's absolutely not the part of the game I'm there to enjoy.

        Last edited 24/06/17 5:29 am

    I'm back on the Hearthstone train and mostly playing Arena but peppering in some ladder in between if only to complete some more quests for gold and hence more entries into Arena. Btw for anyone interested, Blizzard just announced that from the next expansion any Legendaries you open will not be duplicated! Fantastic change.

    Apart from that, continuing on with Injustice 2. I've always been more partial to Capcom fighters but I tell you what, over the last couple of years I'm really starting to reconsider my loyalty to Capcom, especially in light of Street Fighter 5 which was so undercooked and just not that fun to play. The last few NRS games are so polished and Injustice 2 is definitely the best yet.

    The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind. It's my first MMO and I'm loving it.

    After finally completing Horizon, I'm in the mood for a linear, gory FPS with a pumping soundtrack and sharp gameplay. Hello DOOM.

    Persona 5. It great :)

      It's brilliant. I finally finished it last weekend having not played anything else since its release.

        It's probably the best JRPG I've played since FF9 :D

        Feel silly I didn't pick it up sooner...

          I probably like it less than P4G, which is one of my least favourite JRPGs. P5 has more filler than Bleach, and more cliches than even the Scooby Gang of P4.

          It makes me miss SMT3 and DDS1 even more, especially after how much people hyped it up.

            .... haven't played any of them. Hence my brash, uneducated enthusiasm ;)

    Working my way through the Titanfall 2 campaign, so might do a bit more of that.

    Desperately want to play some more of Nex Machina, too - only had a quick go at it when I first got it and it seems amazing. Just haven't had time to go back to it since.

    Well the most important game I'll be playing is Babby cuddles!
    Otherwise I just finished Wolf:New blood so need to work out what my next focused game should be. I have a few that are close to the end so maybe try and knock one of them over.
    Otherwise might slip a few steamworld heist missions in there

    Some more Mass Effect Andromeda. Enjoying the game play but the story isn't doing much for me compared to the previous trilogy.

    Giving Bloodborne my third play-through. Man I love that game.

      I'm *this* close to starting my 6th with a brand new character. A mate picked it up for the first time this week and I've been coaching him through the beginning. He almost rage quit but now he's hoontin' like a pro.

      It's stirred the bloodlust in me and I'm finding it hard to resist, even with BotW singing its sweet Siren song.

    Finally got to fire up Horizon Zero Dawn after finishing Persona 5. I don't believe i was thinking of playing new game plus straight away. It was brilliant and i loved but i need a break.
    First baby is coming in a couple months so i need to crush some of my pile off shame.

      Ha, literally the exact same thing I did, Horizon is a really good change of pace too (although took me a few hours to get into it).

      The problem you'll have is finding something of similar quality after two back to back examples of awesomeness. Tbh i think we've all been spoilt a little this year, awesome games to scratch every genre itch so far (although sure there are a few who disagree)!

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